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CCIEE Delegation Conducts Field Trips in Madagascar and Morocco
Date:Jul 10,2017    Source:CCIEE

From 28 June to 4 July, a CCIEE delegation consists of Zhao Jinjun, Vice Chairman of CCIEE, Xu Hongcai, Deputy Chief Economist, Zhang Yingqiang, Associate Researcher and Dr. Tan Jun conducted field trips in Madagascar and the Kingdom of Morocco, learning more about possible cooperation among China, France and Africa.

                    Yang Xiaorong, Ambassador of Chinese Embassy in Madagascar accompanied the delegation to meet with the  Minister of Public Works, Eric Razafimandimby

From 28 June to 1 July, the delegation paid a visit to officials, companies and organizations in Madagascar, including Eric Razafimandimby, Minister of Public Works, National Academy of Governance, Association of Chinese Companies, French Embassy in Madagascar, and Confucius Institute. Yang Xiaorong, Ambassador of Chinese Embassy in Madagascar, attended some of the events.

                                       Visiting the National Academy of Governance,Madagascar

From 2 to 4 July, the delegates had in-depth discussions with researchers from different institutions in Madagascar, such as the special representatives of the French Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations, institut de Amadeus, OCP Policy Center, and Iafrika. They exchanged views on how could China and France undertake joint cooperation in Africa, including relevant risks, opportunities and ways of cooperation. Zhu Kewei, Political Counselor of Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Morocco, accompanied the delegates attending some of the events. Ambassador Sun Shuzhong, greeted the CCIEE delegates when they arrived in Morocco.



                                           Exchanging ideas with local think tank Iafrika

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