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National Big Data Strategy Seminar held at CCIEE
Date:Oct 25,2017    Source:CCIEE

In order to grasp the essence of the working report delivered by president Xi Jinping at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, on 20 October, 2017, CCIEE held a seminar on “How to better implement the national big date strategy?”


Nine experts were invited to participated in the seminar, including Shen Changxiang, Academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Yang Guoxun, Deputy Director of the Expert Advisory Committee of National Informatization, Zhang Kailin, Deputy Division Director of  the Informatization Division, High-tech Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, Lv Xin, Deputy Director of the General Office of the State Information Center, Wang Qidong, Director of the Science and Information Technology at China Railway Corporation, Zhao Yue, General Manager of China Unicom Big Data Company, Wei Xiaojing Deputy Director of the Information Communication Department at the State Grid Corporation, Meng Zhaoli, Vice President of the Tencent and Pan Yonghua, Director of the Ali Research Data Economic Research

Wang Xianlei, Director of the post-doctoral station at CCIEE, presided over the seminar. Zhang Xiaoqiang, Vice Chairman of CCIEE introduced the background and significance of the research project, followed by the research progress and major viewpoints, explained by the Zhang Yingqiang, CCIEE Associate Researcher and head of this research project. The nine experts expressed their views in relation to China’s big data national strategy, such as the definition of big data, the security, application, construction of big data, the laws and regulations of big data, the meaning of the national strategy for big data as well as how can this strategy be best implemented.

At the end, Zhang Xiaoqiang thanked all the participants for their efforts and proposals, which could be very helpful to improve the quality of the research project. He said that the research team should assimilate all the expertise and have a better understanding of the properties, regularity and essence of big data. The team should emphasize the development of the big data industry, research the integration of big data and the real economy. From the national perspective, the research team ought to work on the standard of big data, conduct further discussions on the ownership and regulations of big data and ultimately bring the research to a higher level.

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