Chen Wenling: New Momentum for the World Economy

  • Date:2017-11-21
  • Source:CCIEE

An interview with CCIEE Chief Economist Chen Wenling, by China's Economic Daily

Question: How will China’s development influence the world?

Chen Wenling: China’s development will influence the world in four aspects. First of all, “China power” will bring other countries hope. In 2012, China’s GDP was 54 trillion and will reach 80 trillion this year. In the past four years, China’s average annual growth is 7.2% and its contribution to the world economic growth is more than 30% and hence became the major momentum of the world economy. This kind of “China power” has set a good example for the rest of the world, giving them hope and new momentum to the world economy.

Secondly, China has earned the respect from the rest of the world. The General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that China will stick to the road of peaceful development, continue to be the stabilizer of Asia Pacific and the world, uphold the correct value, develop global partnership, expand the common interest with other countries, and build a new international relation which is mutually-respectful, just and mutually beneficial. All these commitments will earn more respect for China. Meanwhile, the continuous development of the socialism with Chinese characteristics offers other developing countries an alternative path of becoming a modernized country.

Thirdly, “China wisdom” provides a feasible solution for solving complex and diverse international problems. China has chosen partnership over alliance and dialogue over confrontation, and its choice reflects the essence of the profound and extensive Chinese culture. The current world is experiencing dramatic adjustment and development, various problems, especially global issues emerge one after another, and there are more challenges facing the international community, despite the fact that peace and development remain to be the theme of our era. China has always committed itself to push forward the international development agenda and help resolve international and regional issues through achieving common development with other developing countries especially Asia, Africa and Latin America, which has expanded China’s circle of friends. In the future, such kind of China wisdom will surely help China to realize its China dream of great rejuvenation and contribute to the building of a common community of shared future for mankind.

Fourthly, in terms of peaceful rise, China has set a good example for the rest of the world. China’s stability and development will directly impact one fifth of the world’s population and so, whatever achievement China makes will become an important component of the world’s success. For instance, China lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty since it launched the opening-up and reform policy, making a significant contribution to the global poverty alleviation. China has set an example of peaceful rise without war and exploitation, and this will enlighten other countries and their people in the aspects of building a common community of shared future and promoting sustainable development of the world.   

Questions: Think tanks around the world have become a more active force in the international arena, what kind of role will they play in enhancing China’s discourse power?

Chen Wenling: As China’s president Xi Jinpin said that think tank is the soft power of the nation. In the past, some of the long-established think tanks in the US and Europe have been very influential, over recent years, however, China’s think tanks have also experienced rapid development. China’s think tanks should research on such issues as “China solution”, “China topics” and make them the soft power of China.

This international conference gathered experts and scholars from home and abroad to discuss the implication of the 19 CPC National Congress on China and the rest of the world, which has been a very successful event. Today’s conference is only the beginning and in the future, think tanks should further strengthen cooperation and contribute more ideas and wisdom to the development and prosperity of the world.