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3rd China-Japan CEO and Former Senior Officials’ Dialogue (Agenda)
Date:Dec 04,2017    Source:CCIEE

Theme: China-Japan Economic and Trade Relations: Outlook and Industrial Cooperation

Time: December 4-5, 2017

Venue: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Japan

About the Conference: This dialogue is a high-level platform for communication between the corporate CEOs and former senior officials from China and Japan, with the purpose of strengthening exchanges and cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries and promoting the improvement and development of the China-Japan bilateral relations. Zeng Peiyan, former Vice Premier of China’s State Council and Chairman of CCIEE, and Yasuo Fukuda, former Japanese Prime Minister, will attend the meeting. Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs, think-tank experts and top government officials will conduct dialogues and exchanges on the economic situation and industrial cooperation between the two countries.


Tuesday, December 5

9: 30-10: 00 Opening Ceremony

10: 00-12: 00 Plenary Meeting

Session I: The current economic situation in Japan and China

Session II: China-Japan economic relations: status quo and prospect

Open Discussions


14: 00-17: 00 Sub-Group Discussions

Group I: Trade, investment and financial cooperation

Session I: Promoting trade and regional integration

Session II: Investment and financial cooperation


Group II: Emerging industry cooperation

Session I: Service industry cooperation (including medical, tourism and environmental cooperation)

Session II: Promoting scientific and technological innovation


Group III: Industrial cooperation and third market cooperation

Session I: Strengthening global industrial chain cooperation

Session II: Third market cooperation


17: 00-17: 30 Plenary Meeting

Sub-group reports

Joint Statement Release

17: 30-18: 00 Remarks by guest speakers

17: 30-18: 00 Chinese press conference


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