Wei Jianguo Meets with Singaporean Ambassador to China Stanley Loh

  • Date:2018-05-02
  • Source:CCIEE

On the afternoon of April 23, CCIEE Vice Chairman Wei Jianguo met with Stanley Loh, Singaporean ambassador to China. The two sides exchanged views on the future development of China-Singapore relations, Sino-US trade relations, and cooperation between the two organizations.

Stanley Loh stated that a stable U.S.-China relation plays a significant role in the economic development of the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world. Trade disputes should be negotiated under the framework of the WTO, and differences should be resolved through dialogues. Unilateralism and trade protectionism are not conducive to the development of economic globalization. Singapore attaches great importance to developing economic and trade cooperation with China and is willing to actively participate in the building of the Belt and Road, jointly develop third markets so as to achieve win-win results.

Wei Jianguo said that China and Singapore are important trading partners, and stable economic and trade cooperation between the two has a great impact on the Asia Pacific region and the world as a whole. Furthermore, the two countries have huge potential for cooperation in areas such as finance, logistics, hardware and software infrastructure. As a key project of China-Singapore interconnectivity, the construction of the “South Channel” will further promote exchanges and cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road route. As the world’s two largest economies, it is no surprise that China and the United States have differences in the economic field but China firmly opposes unilateralism. The tariff-based trade protectionism will not benefit the development of economic globalization. In the future, China will continue to follow the principles of opening up, mutual benefit and win-win outcome. China will not close its door to the rest of the world.

The two sides also exchanged opinions on strengthening exchanges and cooperation between the two organizations.