China Center for International Economic Exchanges

CCIEE Holds Seminar with the Conference Board
Date:Jun 14,2018    Source:CCIEE

On the morning of June 12, China Center for International Economic Exchanges and the Conference Board jointly held a special seminar on U.S.-China economic and trade relations.

Chen Wenling, Chief Economist of CCIEE, Xu Zhanchen, Director and Ren Haiping, Deputy Director of the Strategic Research Department, Yuan Youwei, Deputy Director of the Department of External affairs, Ethan Cramer-Flood, Associate Director of the Conference Board’s China Center for Economics and Business, and Xia Jie, China Chief Representative of the conference board participated in the seminar. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the current U.S.-China economic and trade relations, Trump’s China policy, the specific measures taken by the two countries recently, and the outlook of the U.S.-China economic and trade relations.

The two sides agreed that the strengthening of the U.S.-China cooperation in the economic and trade field is conducive to the development of the two countries and their peoples as well as the world economy as a whole. They will enhance communication and exchange in the future, and play an active role in promoting the development of bilateral economic and trade relations.

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