CCIEE Research Team Conducts Fact-finding Trip to Germany and Italy

  • Time:2019-08-19
  • source:CCIEE

From July 24th to 30th, 2019, the CCIEE research team of “China-EU Economic and Trade Relations”, led by Zhao Jinjun, Vice Chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges(CCIEE), conducted a fact-finding trip to Germany and Italy, discussing major issues relating to China-EU economic and trade relations. Dr. Tan Jun, Associate Researcher of the US-European Institute, and Dr. Mei Guanqun of the Strategic Research Department participated in the trip.



In Germany, the research team exchanged views with relevant departments of the Chinese Embassy. Zhang Junhui, Chinese Ambassador to Germany, briefed the research team on the current bilateral relation between China and Germany. Other officials from the embassy talked about the positive attitude of the German government towards the “Belt and Road” initiative, the development of the economic and trade relations and the third-party market cooperation between China and Germany. They agreed on that certain key projects implemented by both countries will advance the China-German bilateral cooperation and third-party market cooperation.



At the Association of German Chamber of Industry and Commerce(DIHK), the research team and its German counterpart discussed such issues as the important areas of future China-German economic and trade cooperation, and how can the two countries strengthen communication and exchanges under the “Belt and Road” initiative. Dr. Terrell believes that China and Germany need to strengthen cooperation in important areas such as the digital industry, and expressed his willingness to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with CCIEE. At the Schiller Institute, the research team and the founder and chairman of the institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, exchanged view on enhancing bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Ms. LaRouche believes that China and Germany should strengthen cooperation on climate change and environmental protection. Furthermore, the research team also visited the Berlin Branches of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, State Grid, Hainan Airlines, and other Chinese enterprises. In their views, German companies are positive about the “Belt and Road” Initiative because it can bring development opportunities for German companies.



During its stay in Italy, Li Junhua, Chinese Ambassador to Italy, gave a comprehensive introduction to the development of the China-Italy bilateral relations. He said that it is of great significance to strengthen bilateral economic and trade cooperation between China and Italy. In the future, China and Italy will have great potential for cooperation in agricultural products and other fields. At the Italian Institute of International Studies, the members of the research team shared their viewpoints on the cooperation areas under the framework of the “Belt and Road” initiative, the relationship between China and the EU, and the exchanges between Chinese and Italian think tanks. They believe that China and Italy have great cooperation potential in the green economy, transportation and telecommunications. When visiting the office of Huawei in Italy, the research group and Zou Liqiang, manager of the public relations agreed that the exchanges between Chinese and Italian think tanks will deepen understanding of the two countries and help Chinese companies to achieve a better development in Italy.




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