Xu Xianchun, Professor of Tsinghua University’s Economics and Management School, Gives a Lecture to Research Teams of CCIEE

  • Time:2021-06-10
  • source:CCIEE

On June 3, Xu Xianchun, Professor of Tsinghua University’s Economics and Management School and Director of Tsinghua China Data Center, gave a lecture on Studies on Exhaustive Statistical Methods for  Regional Trade in Services upon invitation of CCIEE’s Studies on Major Measures of Joining CPTPP research team, 2020 Development Report on China’s Digital Trade research team, Policy Research on Accelerating Guangxi Province’s Opening Up through Development of New Land and Maritime Channel in the West research team and the editorial office of The Globalization magazine. Wang Yiming, Vice Chairman of CCIEE, met with professor Xu. Zhang Yansheng, Principal Researcher of CCIEE attended the lecture and Wang Xiaohong, Deputy Head of CCIEE’s Information Department and Subeditor of The Globalization, presided over the lecture.


Xu Xianchun pointed out that trade in services is an integral part of international trade and a significant driver for sustainable growth of global economy. As commodity trading is under huge pressure, it is of great significance to actively promote the development of trade in services and give it a full play in China’s economic development. Trade in services will play a bigger role in building the new development dynamic. Improving collection of service trading data will be conducive to macro decision making and management of the country, while improving data collection of regional trade in services will do good to the regional governing. He also said that collection of service trade data faces difficulties like miscellaneous sources, large data gap, different international standards for different sectors and cross-disciplinary application requirement. Taking Suzhou Industrial Park as an example, Xu Xianchun introduced the statistical methods, which features innovative statistic measurement and calculation of import and export of tourism services (individual tourists), trade in freight, financial, distribution and construction services and FATS. In the end, he put forward suggestions to boost the Park’s service trade and to improve statistical methods for data of regional trade in services.

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