CCIEE Holds Online Symposium on Safety of International Industry and Supply Chains

  • Time:2021-09-02
  • source:CCIEE

On September 2, CCIEE research team held an online symposium on safety of international industry and supply chains. Kim Yangpaeng, research fellow of Korea Institute of Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET) was invited to give a lecture in the meeting. Jiang Zengwei, Vice Chairman of CCIEE in charge of the research team, gave an address at the symposium. Yuan Youwei, Secretary-General of International Economic Forum and Deputy Head of International Exchanges and Cooperation Department of CCIEE, chaired the discussion.

Jiang Zengwei viewed that with prominent competiveness, Korean semiconductor enterprises occupy important position in global semiconductor industry chain, for which Korean government, research institutes and enterprises all take significant credit. By contrast, the semiconductor industry just begins to take its shape in China. Hence, learning from Korea will not only facilitate the development of this industry in China, but also boost the cooperation on relevant fields between China and Korea.

Kim Yangpaeng said that Korean semiconductor industry has a long history of development. Since 1960s, Korean government has begun to support the development of domestic semiconductor industry through various policies and laws. Korean enterprises have played important role in this process as they proactively introduced and cultivated high-level talents from overseas, and intensified research and development of relevant technology with the support of the government. However, the industry also faces problems like unbalanced development of subdivided areas, unclear roles and responsibilities of different regulatory government departments and outflow of high-end talents. Given China is a powerful supplier of equipment and materials, intensified China-Korea cooperation would be able to give support to the global industry chain to some degree as China-U.S. economic and trade relations are experiencing fluctuations.

Attending the symposium were also Park Jaegon, Chief Representative of KIET Beijing Office, Fan Huiwen, Vice President of SK China Research Institute, Kim Namyup, Director of SK China, Chen Yanping, Director of SK China, Zhang Monan, Principal Researcher of CCIEE Institute of American and European Studies, Chen Yan, Director of CCIEE Research Management Office, and Tan Jun, Deputy Director of European Studies Office of CCIEE Institute of American and European Studies.

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