Agenda of the 148th Monthly Economic Talk

  • Time:2022-01-17
  • source:CCIEE

Theme: Interpretation and Implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan on Digital Economy

Host: Zhang Dawei, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of CCIEE

Time: 15:30, Wednesday, 19 Jan, 2022

Online Live: 148th Monthly Economic Talk


Guest Speakers:

Zhu Guangyao, Vice Chairman, CCIEE

Zhang Xinhong, Chief Information Analyst, State Information Center

Cao Ziwei, Vice President for Strategy, Airstar

Zhang Monan, Principal Researcher, Institute of American and European Studies, CCIEE


Registration: Please send the email titled “application for the 148th Monthly Economic Talk” to, and note the name, organization and contact in it. Telephone registration will not be accepted.

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