Research Report, Issue No.52, 2021. Giving a Full Play to the Role of Major and Leading Companies in Spearheading “Waste Sorting” Comprehensively

  • Time:2021-11-19
  • source:CCIEE

Waste sorting takes efforts at the moment, but will benefit the future generations. General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to waste sorting, and stressed on many occasions that China should enhance scientific management, formulate long-run mechanism and cultivate habit for waste sorting. Local governments and relevant departments have devoted efforts to implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s instructions by responding to the call and deepening work on waste sorting. Despite fair achievements, there are still some prominent problems that prevent breakthroughs in overall work and formulation of sustainable progress. As the only state-owned enterprise in environment protection industry, China Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Group (CECEP) has put into action Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Progress vigorously, studied major points, difficulties and obstacles in waste sorting proactively, set up “Two Parks, One Chain” mode, and developed the latest generation of waste decomposition and sorting technology. These remarkable achievements provide reference for systematic, comprehensive and optimized waste treatment and feasible and applicable experience for waste sorting nationwide. 

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