Think Tank’s Voice, Issue No.4, 2022. Strategic Intention of the U.S. Development of Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Network

  • Time:2022-01-27
  • source:CCIEE

By 7 January, 2022, SpaceX, a U.S. company of space technology, has launched 1997 Starlink satellites, and intended to launch another 106 by the end of the month in two batches. Both the frequency of launching and the number of satellite highly surpass those of other countries. Although Mask has claimed for many times that Starlink would be set up as a provider of “global satellite internet” for civil use, obviously the Starlink plan is not designed only for civil and commercial use. To be mentioned, in October, 2020, Space Development Administration under U.S. National Defense Department signed a dual-use contract with SpaceX, which is worthy of 150 million dollars, to develop premium version of Starlink satellite for military use. In July and October, 2021, Starlink satellites sent out by SpaceX approached twice to Tiangong space station of China, posting threats to the safety of Chinese astronauts who could only take emergency responding measures to avoid hit. It cannot be precluded that the U.S. were intending to test the sensory ability of Chinese space technology with satellites. Accelerating deployment of LEO satellite network by the U.S. demonstrates various economic and military intentions, to which full attention should be paid. China should speed up the reform in space sector, directly facing the challenges.


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