Research Report, Issue No. 9, 2022. Taking Data as Assets Would Facilitate the Leap-forward Development of Science and Technology in China

  • Time:2022-01-27
  • source:CCIEE

The world is entering an era of intelligence, in which the fast development of data, hashrate and algorithm is changing the way of scientific research, and bringing out intelligent research with data as the core. In turn, data has become the basic point of creativity, productivity, competitiveness and wealth. China will in no doubt be a power in data, and its advantage in data will become its core national competitiveness in the intelligence era. The key of effectively utilizing data is to transform data from a kind of resource into a new kind of asset, giving play to the economic function of market, facilitating the leap-forward development of science and technology, realizing self-independence in science, to reach the frontier of global science and technology development, and to make historical changes to the course of China’s economic growth. 

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