Research Report, Issue No. 6, 2022. Current Situation and Problems of China’s Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction – 3rd Takeaway of “Study on Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction”

  • Time:2022-01-27
  • source:CCIEE

Underground pipelines are the lifelines of a city to maintain its functional operation, and are the crucial foundation on which a city survives and develops. As China’s urbanization is speeding up, there are problems constantly emerging in the existing urban underground pipelines as they are outdated, including waterlogging during rainy days, road zipper hindering traffic, road collapse, and explosion caused by pipeline leak. According to Guidelines for Strengthening Urban Underground Pipelines Construction and Management by General Office of the State Council in 2014, and what General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during his remarks on flood prevention in 2016, urban underground pipe networks are supposed to be constructed more efficiently, with improved capacity in flood prevention, disaster mitigation and relief. After years of efforts, urban underground pipelines have witnessed some progresses, but still face deep-lying problems pending careful solutions.


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