Research Report, Issue No. 1, 2022. Suggestions on Improving the Access to Foreign Mineral Resources in the New Era

  • Time:2022-01-07
  • source:CCIEE

Guaranteeing the supply of strategic mineral resources is essential to realizing China’s goal of becoming a great modern socialist country, and is the foundation and key of safeguarding the security of domestic industry and improving the industrial competitiveness. Global landscape is evolving quickly, countries’ competition in resources is becoming fiercer, and western countries including the U.S. are coming up with more restrictions on China’s development, all of which bring more challenges to China’s offshore supply of strategic mineral resources. Besides, the new scientific revolution calls for increasing demand of critical mineral resources of small batches. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent to strengthen the offshore investment in and development of mineral resources, and formulate an effective policy system for foreign mineral resources development.


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