Research Report, Issue No. 57, 2021. Deploying a New Racing Track in Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

  • Time:2021-12-24
  • source:CCIEE

As Moore’s Law nears its physical limits, the complexity and cost of advanced processing are soaring, leaving less room for further improvement. Advanced packaging is supposed to make chip better integrated, realize electrical connection and performance optimization, and has become a major approach to surpass Moore’s Law. The U.S. government is strengthening its local supply chain in semiconductor, in which advanced packaging is an essential part. Semiconductor packaging is the sub-area that shows the smallest gap between China and the international leading level. However, as advanced packaging is shifting to front end of line technologies, which raises higher standards for equipment, materials and key components, China faces more challenges in advanced packaging, and is supposed to take effective measures to develop advanced packaging technologies, in case of being lagged behind.


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