Accelerate The Transformation of Economic Development Mode (2010-2011)

  • Time:2011-05-03
  • source:CCIEE

Transforming the economic development mode is the main task of China's economic development during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period. This book discusses thoroughly such issues as the strategic restructuring of the economy, technological improvement and innovation, safeguarding and improving people's livelihood, the continuation of China's reform and opening-up. Furthermore, this book researches on the evaluation system and incentive mechanism for accelerating the transformation of China's economic development mode. At the end, it introduces other countries' experiences in transforming their economic development modes.  


General Report
Accelerate the Transformation of Economic Development Mode to Achieve Scientific Development

Theme Reports
The Focus of the Strategic Adjustment of Economic Structure during the "12th Five-Year Plan" Period
How to Change the Mode of Development?
Transformation of Economic Development Mode as an Urgent Strategic Task
The Transformation of Economic Development Mode as the Main Theme of the "12th Five-Year Plan"
Accelerating the Strategic Readjustment of Economic Structure
Levy Environmental Tax, Accelerate Transformation of the Mode of Economic Development
Rational Recognition of Financial Income Level
On Structure Adjustment-Key Issue of Chinese Economic Development
Innovation of Economic Development Pattern and Financial and Taxation System
Accelerate Strategic Economic Restructuring to Strengthen the Impetus for Endogenous Growth 
China's Urbanization Development Pattern Against the Background of the Transformation of Economic Development Mode
Adapt to the Great Changes of the Global Demand Structure and Accelerate the Adjustment of Industrial Structure
Livelihood Services: Searching for Joint Power of Public Services and Businesses Development 
The Acceleration of Cultural Industry Development and the Optimization of Service Economy
Promote the Construction of International Center for Scientific and Technical Information to Crack the"Middle-Income Trap"
Policy Suggestions to Energy Structure Adjustment in China
Accelerate the Transformation of Foreign Economic Development Mode
Research on Fiscal and Taxation Systems in Favor of Accelerating Transformation of Economic Development Mode
Perfect Legislative Support System: Promote Social Security Development

Evaluation System
Indexes for Evaluating Methods in Transforming Economic Development Pattern

Practice Experience
Experience and Routes of Accelerating the Transformation of Economic Development Mode in Zhejiang Province
Theory and Practice for the Transformation of Economic Development Mode in Dalian


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