The Research on How to Fasten the Development of the Service Industry

  • Time:2011-05-03
  • source:CCIEE

Service industry has become the significant part in the development of our national economy. Development level of service industry represents a significant signal for social and economic development degree. As Chinese economy advances, it is essential to have economic development pattern transformed. Service industry, featured by high sector correlation, plays an important role in achieving a smooth adjustment of demand, industry and element structures. In line with the specific circumstances of economic development, the countermeasures and strategies on accelerating service industry shall be given mainly to the development producer services, financial services, public and community services and cultural industry and other industries. Proposes emphatically that some measures should be took  to accelerate the development of service industry through changes in concept, further reform and open-up, support from fiscal and financial policies, accelerating development of public service and rural service industry, talent incubation, and creating favorable environment and institutional mechanism, etc.


Comprehensive Report:                                                  

Priorities and Policies for Accelerating the Development of the Service Industry (By Xu Wei)

Sector Reports:                                                            

Developing Emerging industries with Strategic Importance: Valuing both Manufacturing and Service industries            (By Pei Changhong)

China’s Modern Logistics Industry: Overall Judgments, Challenges and Optimal Path  (By Chen Wenling & Cui Wei)

Research on the Current Development of China’s Producer Services Industry (By Liu Xiangdong)

Efficient Financial Services Sector Serves as an Important Support for the Transformation of Economic Development Pattern (By Wang Jun)

Research on Measures for Developing Public Services (By Zhang Huanbo)

Status of China’s Community Service Industry and Corresponding Countermeasures (By Xu Chuangchun)

Analysis of Current Strategies for China’s Financial Support to Cultural Industry (By Wang Guanqun)

Features of the Consulting Industry in Developed Countries and Their Inspirations for China’s Consulting Industry (By Yuan Lixing)

Study on Promoting the Development of China’s Tourism Industry (By Zhang Yabin)

Status and Perspective of China’s Real Estate Industry (By Lu Xinhong)

Transformation and Upgrade of Traditional Chinese Service Industry (By Huang Zhilong)

Special Issue Reports

Vigorously Developing Service Economy: Law, Experience and Strategy (By Zhang Xiang)

Ways of Lead-forward Upgrading of Service Industry of Countries with Late-mover Advantages and Choices of Opening up Strategies of China Under Globalization (By Wang Zixian)

Review of, Outlook for and Suggestions on China’s Technological Strategy (By Wang Tianlong)

Developing Service Industry and Balancing Urban and Rural Development (By Jiang Changyun)

Reforming Tax System to Promote the Development of Service Industry (By Liang Yunfeng)

Creating a Favorable Environment for Enterprise Operation is an Important Approach to Develop the Service Industry (By Ma Qingbin)

Economic and Social Foundation and Service Innovation in the Development of Service Industry (By Xu Zhanchen)                                                                  

Improving Policy Support System and Promoting Sound Development of Service Industry (By Wang Fuqiang)


Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Forwarding Several Opinions of State Planning Commission on Accelerating the Development of China’s Service Industry During the Tenth Five-Year Plan Period                                             

Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of China’s Service Industry  

Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Implementing Some Policies and Measures Regarding Accelerating the Development of China’s Service Industry   


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