China and World Economic Analysis & Outlook:Semi-Annual Report (2010)

  • Date:2011-05-04
  • Source:CCIEE

This book gives an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the Chinese and world economies in the first half of 2010, various issues are included such as will China be able to reduce its pressure on inflation and keep its export grow continuously? Will China launch a new economic stimulus package? The policy for curbing the real estate market and so on. 


General Report
China Economic Analysis and Outlook
World Economic Analysis and Outlook

Special Reports: Domestic
The Goal of Price Control of This Year Can be Achieved
The Growth Rate of Exports Will Fall From the Peak in the Second Half of 2010
Proactive Fiscal Policy is too Early to Quit
Allow Local Governments Issue Municipal Bonds Directly to Solve the Problem of Local Financing Platform
First Half of 2010 Monetary Policy Analysis and Prospect
The Legal Configuration to Promote Employment
Effectively Raising Wages to Promote the Internal and External Balance of China's Economy
How to Solve the Current Problem of Income Gap
Current Situation of China's Urbanization Development and Policy Forecast
Policy Research on Enhancing Households' Consumption by Speeding up China's Urbanization
Domestic Present Situation of Regional Economic Cooperation, Motivation and Trends
Five Problems Need to Be Noticed When Fostering the Strategic Emerging Industry
Accelerating the Development of China's Strategic Emerging Industries Through the Effect of Government
Analysis on Tactics of Expanding Residents' Consumption Service
New Opportunity on Cultural Industry Development under the Financial Support
Recommendations on the Adjustment of RMB Internationalization Strategy
Marketization of RMB Exchange Rate Formation Mechanism: Problems and Policy Suggestions
Economic Analysis on the Machinery Industry in the First Half Year of 2010
Operation of the First Half of the Steel Industry
Analysis on China's Real Estate Market

Special Reports:lnternational
Perfecting the G20 Mechanism,Propelling the Global Economic Governance Structure Reform
Global Sovereign Debt and Its Inspiration
China's Global Resources Strategy and International Comparison
The Development of Emerging Markets and International Capital Flows
The Second Half of 2010: Analysis of Commodity Prices Trends
New Development of International Outsourcing Industry and China's Strategic Choices
International Experience and Policy Implications of Indemnificatory
The Reference From Experience of United States, Japan and R.O. Korea on Cultural Industry Development
Impact of Resumption of RMB Exchange Rate Formation
Reform & Outlook on Flexibility of RMB Exchange Rate
Role of Gold Reserve in the Monetary Internationalization of Europe, U.S. and Japan and It's Implications for China
Suggestions on Promoting the Economic Rebalance between US. and China
The Future of Fannie and Freddie: Based on the Bipartisan Proposal
US.Export Doubling Plan and Its Impacts on China
US. Financial Regulatory Reform and Its Impacts
US.Small Business Financing Patterns and Implications for China

CCIEE Indices
CCIEE China Economic Prosperity Index
CCIEE Evaluation Index on Transformation of China's Economic Development Mode
CCIEE International Economic Prosperity Index
CCIEE International Commodidity Price Index
CCIEE Shanghai Shipping Prosperity Index