World Economic Analysis & Outlook (2009-2010)

  • Time:2011-05-04
  • source:CCIEE

Outbreak and Spread of the Financial Crisis

Triggered by the bursting of the housing bubble, a subprime crisis broke out in the 2007, then became worse in September 2008, and eventually involved into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s. Since the internet bubble collapse, the U.S. Federal Reserve has implemented an easy monetary policy for a long time.In June 2004, the Federal Reserve began a new round of interest rate increase, as a result the housing prices started to decline since June 2006. From January 2000 to May 2006, the U.S.real estate price index increased by 124%. In August 2007, Bear Stearns'(the fifth largest U.S. investment bank) announcement not to redeem its hedge funds caused the investment to withdraw, which in turn ignited a liquidity crisis, thus the U.S. subprime crisis unfolded completely.


1 General Report
Global Economy Recovery and Outlook     (By Zhang Yunling & Zhang Yongjun)

2 Special Topics
New Features of the Financial Crisis     (By Xu Wei) 
Macro-Economic Policies and Coordination Among Major Economic Entities During Economic Recovery     (By Ma Qingbin)
New Development in International Financial Regulation     (By Zhang Yang)
New Trends of World Trade Development     (By Liu Xiangdong)
Retrospect and Prospect of Global M & A Situation     (By Zhang Jinjie)
Analysis of Global Green Economy and New Energy Development     (By Liang Yunfeng)
Funding Mechanisms in the International Climate Change Architecture     (By Rong Fan, Zeng Shajun)
Status and Role of Emerging Economies in the Global Economic Recovery     (By Xu Changchun)

3 National Reports
Outlook for US Economic Recovery     (By Qin Haijing)
Economic Analysis and Outlook of the Euro Area     (By Wang Tianlong)
Japan Economic Review and Outlook     (By Lu Xinhong)
Recession and Recovery of Russian Economy under the International Financial Crisis     (By Guan Xueling)

4 Area Reports
Outlook for Asia Economic Recovery     (By Li Xiangyang)
Latin American Economic Situation and Outlook     (By Huang Zhilong)
Status Quo and Prospect of Africa's Economic Development     (By Wang Tao & Yang Guangsheng)

5 CCIEE Indices
Brief Introduction to World Economy Prosperity Index
CCIEE Commodity Price Index
CCIEE-SJTU Global Shipping Prosperity Index

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