China Economic Analysis &Outlook (2009-2010)

  • Time:2011-05-04
  • source:CCIEE

This book is jointly written by the researchers of CCIEE, governmental officials and well-known experts and scholars of Chinese think tanks. It reviews the economic performance of 2009 and analyses the economic trend in 2010.  



General Report
China's Economic Analysis in 2009 and Outlook in 2010 

Special Reports
                 Topic 1 Macroeconomy
Analysis and Recommendations on the Current Macroeconomic Situation
Current International Economic Situation and Outlook for China's Economic Development
Synchronous Stress on Aggregate Control and Structural Control
China's Macro-Economy in 2009/2010
Structural Adjustment as the Core of China's 12th Five-Year Plan

                Topic 2 Expanding Domestic Demand
Further Resolving Three Rural Issues for Better and Faster Promoting Rural Economic and Social Development
Unswervingly Expanding Consumption
Challenges of Financial Crisis and Social Security New Deal
Concerned Issues of China's Current Rural Economic and Social Development

                 Topic 3 Deepening Reform
Improving the Multi-Pillar Pension System and Achieving Sustainable Development of Old-age Insurance
Electric System Reform: New Breakthroughs in Exploration
Issues on State-owned Assets Management System and State-owned Enterprises Reform

                 Topic 4 Foreign Investment and International Trade
Analysis and Forecast of China's Overseas Investment Situation
New Changes of International Economic and trade Pattern and Countermeasures
China's FDI Situation in 2009, Trend and Recommendations for 2010
Analysis and Forecast of China's Foreign Trade in 2009/2010
Historic Opportunity behind FDI backward and Domestic Private Capital forward

                 Topic 5 Finance and Banking
Establish A Grass-roots Financial System and Promote Grass-roots Economic Development and Urban and Rural employment  
Analysis and Forecast of Fiscal Revenue and Expenditure

                  Topic 6 Regional Development and Urbanization
Urbanization: Combination of Short-Term Macroeconomic Policy in 2010 and Medium and Long Term Policy
Strategic Thinking on Western Development in the Next Decade
Assessment System of Equalization of Western Basic Public Services
China's Regional Economic Development and Outlooks
Development Report on China's Urbanization
Leader in the 21 st Century

                 Topic 7 Response to Climate Change and Energy Development
Developments of New Energy in Response to Climate Change and Ensure Energy Security
Energy-Saving Effectiveness in 11 th Five-year plan and Policy
Recommendations for 12th Five-year plan
New Energy Industry will likely be a New Economic
International Climate Game Playing and China's Choice

Policy Analysis
To promote economic development by improving people's livelihood
Rents, Dividends, Tax Cut, Increasing Social Security Expenditure
Analysis and Forecast on China's Macroeconomic Situation in 2010
To continue to implement proactive fiscal policy in 2010
Recommendations on the Orientation of China's Monetary Policy in 2010
Scientific Promotion of Urbanization Strategy to be Breakthrough of Macroeconomic Structural Adjustment
Status, Trend and Countermeasures of Chinese Enterprises "Going Global"
Trend Analysis and Judgement on the International Oil Price in 2010
Increasing the Percentage of Gold in China's Foreign Exchange
Reserves and Developing the Domestic Gold Enterprises

CCIEE China Economic Prosperity index
CCIEE Evaluation Index on Transformation of China's Economic Development Mode


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