World Economic Analysis & Outlook (2011-2012)

  • Time:2012-05-30
  • source:CCIEE

The current global economy is at the intersection of growth and recession. The U.S. economy can avoid a double-dip recession and maintain slow growth. However, the perspective of the Europe’s economy is not so optimistic. If the EU members can work together, help each other and conduct significant reforms, they might be able to avoid another sharp slowdown. Otherwise, the euro zone will face a substantial recession and some members may withdraw from the euro. Due to the post-disaster reconstruction, we can see some improvement in Japan’s economy. Nonetheless, the heavy debt burden and political instability make it difficult for Japan to walk out of the predicament of the “lost twenty years”. As for the emerging economies, they have great economic growth potential, but they still face great challenges, such as high inflation, imbalanced economic structure and international balance of payment. In some important emerging economies, the problems of slow economic growth, dramatic currency devaluation, and the international balance of payment are deteriorating. These factors have increased their risks and thus, we should watch them closely.  


General Report
Global Economy Recovery and Outlook 

Special Reports
Crises and Instability Change the World Economic pattern
Supervision Reform and Outlook of Global Systematically Important Banks
Global Energy Diplomacy and China’s Strategy
Establishing Stabilization Mechanism for the International Energy Market
Analysis and Outlook of the International Trade
Analysis and Outlook of the International Commodity Price  

Regions and Countries
Analysis and Outlook of the US Economy
RMB Appreciation Will Not Solve the US Trade Deficit and Unemployment
Analysis and Outlook of Europe’s Economy
The Prospect of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis
Inspiration from Germany’s Automotive Industry Development
Analysis and Outlook of Japan’s Economy
Analysis and Outlook of Russia’s Economy
Analysis and Outlook of India’s Economy
Analysis and Outlook of Latin America’s Economy
Analysis and Outlook of the US Economy
Arab Nations’ “Look East” & China-Arab Economic and Trade Development

CCIEE Indices
2011 CCIEE Commodity Price Index Analysis
2011 Global Shipping Market Review & CCIEE-SJTU Global Shipping Prosperity Index Analysis

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