CCIEE Holds 1st "Monthly Economic Talk"

  • Date:2009-07-16

  CCIEE launched its first "Monthly Economic Talk" at Changguanlou on July 16, 2009. Huang Hai, a member of the National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and former Assistant Minister of Commerce, presided over the meeting. Zheng Xinli, CCIEE Permanent Vice Chairman, and Liu Kegu, a member of the CPPCC and former Vice President of the National Development Bank, delivered speeches. About 100 distinguished guests, scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs attended the meeting.
  Sponsored by the CCIEE, the "Monthly Economic Talk" is designed to create a free academic environment by encouraging researchers of different schools to share their thoughts. It welcomes people from all walks of life to exchange views on hot issues concerning China's economy. Apart from senior researchers of CCIEE, renowned scholars, experts, officials from home and abroad will also be invited to address the meeting. Registration form and information about the latest events are available on CCIEE website,
  The theme of the first talk is "Will China's Economy Be the First to Recover from the Crisis?". Using data for the first six months that was released by the Chinese Bureau of Statistics, Zheng Xinli examined the current economic condition and made five recommendations for economic development in the second half of the year. In his speech entitled "Building a Financial System for the Grass-roots", Liu Kegu pointed out that because of structural imbalances in the current financial system the financing need of small/micro-enterprise, privately/individually-owned business and farmers-the "Grass-roots" of the Chinese economy-cannot be met. Liu proposed a "Grass-roots" financial system to promote the development of small enterprises and rural economy.
  All the participants praised the Monthly Economic Talk for its timely contributions to China's economic development, and expressed confidence in its increasing influence.