China Center for International Economic Exchanges

CCIEE Holds 7th "Monthly Economic Talk"
Dateļ¼šFeb 24,2010

On the morning of February 24, 2010, CCIEE held its 7th "Monthly Economic Talk" at China Millennium Park, Beijing, under the theme of "Strategies & Policies for Coping with Climate Change in the Post-Copenhagen Era." The talk was chaired by Wei Jianguo, Secretary General of CCIEE.


Su Wei, Director of the Department of Climate Change of NDRC, Ambassador Yu Qingtai, Special Representative for Climate Change Negotiations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pan Jiahua, Director of the Center for Urban Development and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Zeng Shaojun, Senior Research Fellow of CCIEE, delivered speeches addressing such critical issues as the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference, the prospects for climate negotiations in the Post-Copenhagen era, the potential impact of climate change negotiations on industries, the scientific basis of climate change, policies and strategies for coping with climate change, development and prospects of CDM (Clean Development Mechanism). Qi Ye, Professor of Tsinghua University, Ma Zhong, Professor of Renmin University, Xu Huaqing, Research Fellow of the Energy Research Institute of NDRC, Lin Erda, Professor of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences served as discussants for the speeches.

The theme of this "Monthly Economic Talk" addresses hot issues that can have profound long-term impact on Chinese economic development. Moreover, all the guest speakers and commentators are renowned experts who participated in climate negotiations. Approximately 400 people from companies in the relevant industries, research institutions, universities, news media and CCIEE members attended this talk. After the discussants made their comments, guest speakers answered audience's questions. Also at the talk were research staff of CCIEE.

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