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2019 42nd: Impact of Regulatory Policies on Online Car-hailing Employment - 2019-12-13
[Abstract]Employment is the foundation of people’s livelihood and thus, the central government attaches great importance to employment stabilization, particularly the role of new type of employment represented by platform economy. Under the guidance of the central government’s policy, China’s platform economy has developed vigorously in recent years. In particular, the labor-sharing platform such as online car-hailing has become a force for stabilizing employment.
2019 41st Issue: Improving Fiscal and Subsidy Policies Under the WTO - 2019-12-05
[Abstract]China has brought great benefits to western economies since it joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), but they never stopped questioning China’s status as a developing country, especially in the past two years. In July 2019, the United States once again accused China of receiving preferential treatment under the WTO, which triggered another hot debate on WTO reform. This debate mainly focuses on how to define developing countries, trade fairness and fiscal subsidies.
2019 40th Issue: Dealing with the Criticism of Developed Countries On China’s WTO reforms - 2019-12-04
[Abstract]Against the background of the world’s changing political and economic landscape, the trend of protectionism and unilateralism are on the rise. With the improvement of China’s strength and discourse power in world politics and economy, some advanced economies such as the United States try to change China’s status as a developing country through WTO reform. They want China to take more responsibility like other developed countries. In addition, they use “national security” as an excuse to contain China in the fields of trade, investment and technology, exaggerate the security threats they face and reshape international rules in an attempt to promote exclusive terms of trade and form their absolute advantage.
2019 39th Issue: Subsidies for State-owned Enterprise and Industrial Policies: International Practice and Enlightenment - 2019-11-30
[Abstract]In recent years, some advanced economies have criticized China’s industrial policies and subsidies for state-owned enterprises (SOEs) because they think that these policies distort the market and cause unfair competition. However, these countries also have similar industrial policies and subsidies for SOEs. Examining the practice of SOEs subsidies and related industrial policies in these countries will help us to understand their practices in this regard and help us to better understand international rules, integrate China into the international community and fulfill our responsibilities.
2019 38th Issue: Making the Best Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Establishing a Medical Care System with Chinese Characteristics - 2019-11-20
[Abstract]Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a unique medical science and excellent traditional culture of China. It has the characteristics of “simplification, convenience, low-cost and experience-based”. By using medicine and non-pharmaceutical means, TCM can be used to cure various diseases. It has a unique advantage in old-age care. It is imperative to build a system that combines old-age care and TCM to serve the elderly.