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Research Report, Issue No. 9, 2022. Taking Data as Assets Would Facilitate the Leap-forward Development of Science and Technology in China - 2022-01-27
The world is entering an era of intelligence, in which the fast development of data, hashrate and algorithm is changing the way of scientific research, and bringing out intelligent research with data as the core. In turn, data has become the basic point of creativity, productivity, competitiveness and wealth. China will in no doubt be a power in data, and its advantage in data will become its core national competitiveness in the intelligence era. The key of effectively utilizing data is to transform data from a kind of resource into a new kind of asset, giving play to the economic function of market, facilitating the leap-forward development of science and technology, realizing self-independence in science, to reach the frontier of global science and technology development, and to make historical changes to the course of China’s economic growth.
Research Report, Issue No. 8, 2022. New Opportunities, Challenges and Suggestions for the Development of Living Services Against the Backdrop of Digitalization - 2022-01-27
The fact that China’s GDP per capita surpassed 10,000 USD in 2019 demonstrates that the country has steadily strode on the path towards high-income countries. As people’s income and living standard entered a new level, new technologies, including AI, IoT, big data and cloud computing, are pushing forward industrial transformation and reshaping the business, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the development of living services.
Research Report, Issue No. 7, 2022. Thoughts and Suggestions for Accelerating the Construction of Urban Underground Pipe Networks – 4th Takeaway of “Study on Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction” - 2022-01-27
High-rise buildings and mansions are the glossy costumes of a city, while the underground pipe networks are the linings of it, or in other word, the conscience of a city. In December, 2021, the Central Economic Working Conference emphasized that infrastructure should be constructed both in line with the short-term demand and in a forward-looking manner to energize long-term development. The checking, troubleshooting and upgrading of urban underground pipes should be intensified, in order to make people-oriented infrastructure projects.
Research Report, Issue No. 6, 2022. Current Situation and Problems of China’s Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction – 3rd Takeaway of “Study on Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction” - 2022-01-27
Underground pipelines are the lifelines of a city to maintain its functional operation, and are the crucial foundation on which a city survives and develops. As China’s urbanization is speeding up, there are problems constantly emerging in the existing urban underground pipelines as they are outdated, including waterlogging during rainy days, road zipper hindering traffic, road collapse, and explosion caused by pipeline leak. According to Guidelines for Strengthening Urban Underground Pipelines Construction and Management by General Office of the State Council in 2014, and what General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during his remarks on flood prevention in 2016, urban underground pipe networks are supposed to be constructed more efficiently, with improved capacity in flood prevention, disaster mitigation and relief. After years of efforts, urban underground pipelines have witnessed some progresses, but still face deep-lying problems pending careful solutions.
Research Report, Issue No. 5, 2022. Research Report of Beijing Underground Pipe Network Construction – 2nd Takeaway of “Study on Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction” - 2022-01-27
Recently, research team of “Study on Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction” of China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) has conducted a research on Beijing’s utility tunnel. The team made several field surveys, including the utility tunnel of Tongji Road of the 1st phase of Administrative Office of Tongzhou Sub-city Center, utility tunnel of Hong’an Avenue Demonstration Section, Monitoring Center of the utility pipelines of the Administrative Office Area, and held meetings with departments and companies related to the local utility tunnel construction.