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2019 27th Issue: Review on the Economic and Social Development of New China in the Past 70 Years - 2019-08-13
[Abstract]The red line runs through the past 70 years in China is: combining the universal truth of Marxism with the concrete practices of China, taking its own path and building socialism with Chinese characteristics.
2019 28th Issue: Industrial Transfer in Hunan Province: Challenges and Solutions - 2019-08-09
[Abstract] Based on field investigations in Hunan and other places, this report focuses on the cost issue and analyzes the challenges and solutions that the central region faces in undertaking industrial transfer.
2019 26th Issue: Promoting High-quality Development in Small and Medium-sized Cities with “New Industrial City” - 2019-08-07
[Abstract]At present, China’s economy is at a critical stage, especially in the context of US-China economic and trade frictions. As a result, China’s economy is faced with increasing downward pressure and two prominent problems. On the one hand, some export-oriented enterprises are under great pressure, especially companies that have the United States as a direct export market. On the other hand, some export enterprises have reallocated their production to Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, we need to actively explore the domestic demand market and improve the capacity of domestic industries urgently. In the future, the re-arrangement of the global manufacturing industry chain and the diversification of commodity origins are unavoidable, thus, we must enhance the endogenous growth and resilience of China’s economy.
2019 25th Issue: Promoting the development of Oil and Gas Industry Under the Comprehensive Opening Pattern with Three Measures - 2019-08-06
[Abstract]Oil and gas resources are vital for the development of modern society and the operation of the industrial economy. It is vital to safeguard national energy security, meet production and living needs, and achieve high-quality economic and social development. Since the founding of New China, especially in the 40 years of reform and opening up, the reform of the oil and gas industry has greatly liberated the social productive forces, and extraordinary progress has been made in improving scale production, industrial structure, technological innovation, and opening up. The changing international oil and gas energy pattern over recent years has had a profound impact on China’s oil and gas energy security.
2019 24th Issue: Suggestions for Promoting Economy in Central China - 2019-07-19
[Abstract]At the symposium on promoting the rise of the central region, chaired by General Secretary Xi Jinping, he emphasized the need to promote high-quality development, enhance competitiveness, and strive to create a strong central region of China. The research team of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, “Research on Regional Coordinated Development and Urban-Rural Integration in China” conducted fact-finding trips to Hunan and Hubei provinces. The research team believes that we should give full play to the new advantages of the central region, guide coordinated development of industry clusters, and formulate more precise regional policies in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development.