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Research Report, Issue No. 4, 2022. Research Report of Suzhou Sewage Pipe Network Construction – 1st Takeaway of “Study on Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction” - 2022-01-27
The collection, disposal and recycle of rain water and sewage are the major approach to coordinate overall water distribution, protection and pollution control, and will exert good effect on the urbanization of city governance and ecological development. Recently, research team of “Study on Urban Underground Pipe Network Construction” of China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) traveled to Suzhou to investigate the city’s sewage pipe network construction, took advices from relevant departments and companies, and made field surveys of the pipelines in Chengbei Road and the drainage information system.
Research Report, Issue No. 3, 2022. Establishing National Laboratories to Enhance China’s Strategic Science Strength - 2022-01-07
Establishing national laboratories is an important initiative to implement innovation-driven development, and is a major approach to make significant scientific breakthrough. The 14th Five-Year Plan puts forward that innovation system should be optimized and restructured in accordance with the country’s strategic demand, and works should be sped up in developing strategic science strength with the establishment of national laboratories. The key of accelerating the development is to get rid of institutional barriers and draw on good international practices based on the nation’s mission and current development stage, forming a management system of national laboratories in line with the country’s development conditions.
Research Report, Issue No. 2, 2022. Suggestions on Conforming Health Services to CPTPP Rules - 2022-01-07
China opens its health service sector quite early, piloting joint venture and cooperative medical institutes since 1989. After joining in the WTO, China committed to further opening its health sector with regard to General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). In September 2021, China officially applied to join CPTPP with the submission of a written application to New Zealand, the depositary of CPTPP documents. As the public demand for health care is enlarging, taking the opportunity of joining CPTPP, China will push forward free trade in health sector, so as to meet the changing demand of national consumption, and facilitate the re-shoring of domestic health consumption under the impact of pandemic.
Research Report, Issue No. 1, 2022. Suggestions on Improving the Access to Foreign Mineral Resources in the New Era - 2022-01-07
Guaranteeing the supply of strategic mineral resources is essential to realizing China’s goal of becoming a great modern socialist country, and is the foundation and key of safeguarding the security of domestic industry and improving the industrial competitiveness. Global landscape is evolving quickly, countries’ competition in resources is becoming fiercer, and western countries including the U.S. are coming up with more restrictions on China’s development, all of which bring more challenges to China’s offshore supply of strategic mineral resources. Besides, the new scientific revolution calls for increasing demand of critical mineral resources of small batches. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent to strengthen the offshore investment in and development of mineral resources, and formulate an effective policy system for foreign mineral resources development.
Research Report, Issue No. 60, 2021. Policy Assessment and Improving Suggestions on Utilizing Collective Construction Land to Build Rental Housing - 2021-12-24
In August, 2017, Ministry of Land and Resources and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly published Polit Scheme of Utilizing Collective Construction Land to Build Rental Housing, selected 13 cities to take pilot projects, and increased that to 18 cities in 2019. In this June, General Office of the State Council released Suggestions on Accelerating the Development of Affordable Rental Housing, in which utilization of collective construction land becomes an important measure to build affordable rental housing.