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Research Report 2016 20th Issue: Suggestion on Setting Up Comprehensive FTZ in City of Da Lian - 2016-05-10
【Abstract】Setting up Comprehensive FTZ in Da Lian is helpful to the formation of China-Japan-ROK FTZ and effective dealing with the TPP strategy led by the United States. It will advance the development and opening up of Northeast Asia, and the development and balance of China-Mongolia-Russia strategic relationship. It will help to boost the national FTZ strategy, accumulating and providing experience of the FTZ strategy for major cities in China. It will also help vitalize the economies of three northeast provinces. All in all, it should be upgraded to be the national strategy as early as possible.
Research Report 2016 19th Issue: To Promote Structural Reform of the Supply Side by Using Bankruptcy and Reorganization - 2016-05-04
【Abstract】 Bankruptcy and reorganization system gives opportunities for regeneration to those enterprises in bankruptcy proceedings, which are unable to pay their debts, but still have potential business value and prospect for further development. It will not only help such enterprises to avoid the depreciation of assets, waste of resources and large-scale layoffs of staff and other problems, leading by the liquidation, but also help to cut excessive industrial capacity, inventory, leverage for promoting the structural reforms of supply side. This paper introduces the main mode of bankruptcy and reorganization, analyzes the main problems in the practice of promoting the bankruptcy and reorganization by giving corresponding policy recommendations.
Research Report 2016 18th issue: Difficulties and Countermeasures in Reducing Production Capacity of Coal Industry - 2016-05-04
【Abstract】 As one of the five tasks of this year's economic work, reducing the capacity of coal industry is on the focus, which faces such difficulties as high inventory, low demand, lack of funds, heavy social burden and so on. According to this, it is recommended to take these measures: coordinating the reform of state-owned enterprises by accelerating the process of merger and reorganization of coal enterprises; increasing fiscal policy and financial support in the field of Industrial restructuring, industrial chain extension, the development of diversified industries, transformation and upgrading of the coal enterprises; Implementation of differentiated credit policy by actively supporting those coal enterprises with temporary financial difficulties, which has production market and competition potential and steadily promoting the securitization of non-performing assets; the combination of coal production, poverty alleviation and other development practices, exploring the reduction replacement; strengthening sectoral coordination.
Research Report 2016 17th Issue: The Prospect of Global Governance Reform and the Structuring G20 Mechanism - 2016-04-26
【Abstract】 This paper elaborates on the evolution of existing global governance system and its important role and deficiencies, the inevitability of global governance reform in the 21st century, and the prospects for global governance reform. It points out the contributions and acting points that China has made and focused in advancing the global governance reform. It also makes concrete recommendations on issues of G20 mechanism structuring, its phases and action strategies.
Research Report 2016 16th Issue. Several Important Measures for Expanding Natural Gas Consumption Proportion - 2016-04-11
[Abstract] The target has become rather unattainable that the consumption proportion of natural gas is raised to over 10% by 2020, as the natural gas consumption growth has been decelerating in recent years in China. However, accelerating replacement coal with natural gas is an important measure to control haze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The current economic situation provides a favorable condition for expanding the consumption of natural gas. China should seize the opportunity of low price of natural gas on international market and actively increase its import, adopt the advanced LNG connection mode to enhance the supply capacity of natural gas, promote the market-oriented reform of natural gas industry and straighten out the price relations between natural gas and other alternative energies, support the social capital to participate in the building of natural gas storage and transportation facilities, and focus on establishing influential natural gas trading market.