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Research Report 2016 30th Issue: Laying Equal Stress on Management and Development in Independent Industrial and Mining Areas Reconstruction Relocation - 2016-07-01
【Abstract】By analyzing reconstruction relocation of manganese ore independent industrial and mining areas in Xiangtan of Hunan Province, it is found that independent industrial and mining areas generally become the "isolated island" of economic development and short board in building a well-off society in an all-round way. We suggest making industrial park development plan as a whole at the municipal level and put forward the development of special types of park by means of “park driven by park and enclave Park”. We suggest building unified investment and financing platform all over the city. We suggest developing infrastructure with the feature of outreaching and interconnecting to break the "island economy". We suggest conducting further treatment to the park and the surrounding geological environment and strengthening financial support and actively promoting the PPP mode as well.
Research Report 2016 29th Issue: No Restriction by Old Thinking on the Development of New Economy—— Thoughts and Recommendations to the Development of China’s Current E-commerce - 2016-06-07
【Abstract】 The recent new policy on e-commerce demonstrates that the supervision of the innovative development of new economy and new industries is still guided by traditional thinking and management. It has become one of new strategies for key global powers to boost cross-border e-commerce and accelerate new generation of trade pattern. China, as a first mover, maintains obvious advantages in this regard. It is suggested that relevant authorities should fully solicitor the opinions on cross-border e-commerce and attach great importance on the experiences of pilot cities. Besides, government authorities should strengthen investigation, offer systematical solutions and take more advancing measures which will help lead the development of new industries and occupy the global commanding point so as to support the healthy and sound development of e-commerce.
Research Report 2016 28th Issue: To Speed up the Housing Mortgage Loan Securitization in China - 2016-06-03
【Abstract】 Under the background of destocking in real estate market, the development of securitization of housing accumulation fund loan and housing mortgage loan is put on the agenda again. In China, the aggregate of housing mortgage loan is increasing currently, pilot projects of asset securitization have achieved initial success and capital market is becoming mature. This means that the conditions to speed up the housing mortgage loan securitization are eligible. It is suggested that quality control of housing mortgage loan should be strengthened while its secondary market should be accelerated. Institutions exclusively for management of securitization of housing mortgage loan, its guarantee or insurance, credit rating agencies and housing financial regulatory agencies should be established to achieve true sale and close off the risk of the securitization , as well as to improve the guarantee regulatory system of housing credit and securitization.
Research Report 2016 27th Issue: Strategies and Consolidation Measures for Cross-border Merger of Bankrupt Businesses—Case Study of CIMC Merging of a German Company - 2016-06-02
【Abstract】 In recent years, there have been increasing cases of overseas mergers by Chinese enterprises. Generally speaking, the completion of merger transaction is only 20% of the whole project, more remains to be done with integration. Barriers in legal environment, labor union, culture and languages in some countries and regions may have great impact on the integration and cause big gaps with expectations after merger. In 2013, China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. purchased Ziegler Group Germany and helped Ziegler Group turn around on a sound development in the following year thanks to the proper consolidation.
Research Report 2016 26th Issue: Five New Trends in Global Terrorism - 2016-06-02
【Abstract】 With the death of Bin Laden and the decline of “Al-Qaeda”, new terrorist organizations such as the “Islamic State” and “Boko Haram”, which have been running rampant in the “Islamic Arc”, have expanded rapidly in the Middle East and North Africa, and started to spread to Europe and Asia. They have displayed some new trends different from the traditional terrorism. The international community needs to remain on high alert to this new type of terrorism, the activities of which have transcended the boundaries of civilizations and states, threatening the security of mankind and stability of the world economy.