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Research Report 2021 6th Issue: International Experience and Enlightenment of Financial Technology Development - 2021-01-21
[Abstract]Nowadays, financial technology innovation is sweeping the world. Companies such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, China Merchants Bank are committed to digital transformation, and technology giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, Facebook, and PayPal are leading the wave of global financial technology innovation. The old financial powers such as the United States and the United Kingdom have brought the development of financial technology to a national strategic level and are competing for the leadership in financial technology.
Research Report 2021 5th Issue: The Impact and Enlightenment of the New Space Strategy Released by the United States - 2021-01-12
[Abstract]As China’s Chang’e-5 lunar exploration project was successfully launched, the United States has taken a series of actions in the aerospace field, such as withdrawing from the “Open Skies Treaty”, announcing a new space strategy, formulating space operations plans and establishing space bases. Trump, Pence, Mike Pompeo and other senior US dignitaries have publicly spoken out against China’s “threat”. As the two most active aerospace powers in the world today, the competition between China and the United States in aerospace will become fiercer than ever.
Research Report 2021 4th Issue: Building a World-Class Think Tank - 2021-01-08
[Abstract]In recent years, China has made tremendous efforts to build world-class think tanks with Chinese characteristics and great progress has been made in this regard. However, we still need to catch up with those outstanding think tanks in terms of institutional mechanisms, talents and funds. Having considered the unprecedented global changes and complex external environment, we need to accelerate the establishment of world-class think tanks and promote China’s national governance.
Research Report 2021 3rd Issue: Sinochem Group’s Experience in Deepening the Reform of State-owned Enterprises - 2021-01-08
[Abstract]Recently, the CCIEE research team of “promoting the optimization of state-owned economy, structural adjustment and deepening reform” conducted a fact-finding trip to Sinochem Corporation. In recent years, Sinochem has adhered to the leadership of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and boldly explored the deepening reform of state-owned enterprises. The company has made significant progress in its development. At the same time, it has also encountered some common problems faced by other state-owned enterprises.
Research Report 2021 2nd Issue: Experience and Enlightenment of State-owned Capital Management of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - 2021-01-08
[Abstract]In recent years, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has deepened the reform of the state-owned assets, combined scientific and technological research and market-oriented operations, made efforts to break through the “bottleneck” problems by giving play to the guiding function of the state capital, and striving to build a new national system in the field of science and technology. Furthermore, they have made great progress in transforming scientific and technological achievements into economic and social benefits. All of these have provided us with valuable experience in further improving the mechanism of scientific and technological innovation.