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2019 12th Issue: Solving the Problem of Taxation Supervision in the Renewable Resources Industry with the New Model of “Internet + Renewable Resources” - 2019-04-16
[Abstract]The healthy and sustainable development of the renewable resources industry is of great significance for promoting economic transformation and achieving high-quality development. China’s renewable resources industry has great potential and faces many opportunities. However, due to some mismatches between tax policies and industrial models, the development of the industry is not well-regulated and lacks efficiency. Some cities have actively used the “Internet +” mode to explore new developments in the renewable resources industry and achieved certain results, providing useful lessons for solving the problem of taxation supervision in the industry. Therefore, we should constantly explore and improve the new model of “Internet + renewable resources” to accelerate development and transformation of the industry.
2019 11th Issue: Making Early Preparation for China’s DNA Computing and Related Industries - 2019-04-10
[Abstract]With the advent of the big data era, the need for computing has grown exponentially, and the traditional electronic computer system faces major challenges. As semiconductor processes approach their physical limits, the pressures and challenges of maintaining Moore’s Law are growing, and traditional computers are experiencing bottlenecks. Therefore, it is imperative to develop efficient computing technologies and quantum computing and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) calculations have become more popular. DNA computing is a new research field developed by the combination of computer science and molecular biology, which has great potential.
2019 10th Issue: Analysis of the Change in EU’s Attitude towards China - 2019-03-29
[Abstract]On March 12th, the European Commission released the report of “EU-China: A Strategic Outlook”, saying that China is a competitor of the EU in key areas such as 5G network development. Politically speaking, China is a comprehensive opponent of the EU. The report emphasizes that the EU lacks a unified strategy towards China, and EU member countries have the responsibility to comply with EU norms and policies when building cooperative relations with China. The report shows that some people in the EU have deep concerns about China’s political and economic influence, and such kind of worries may affect the attitude of senior EU officials towards China. We should make active preparation for any possible change the EU will make on its policy for China.
2019 9th Issue: The Subsidy Policy is Not Suitable for the CSP Demonstration Projects - 2019-03-29
[Abstract]At present, China’s new energy industry is at a critical stage of the supply-side structural reform. Relevant state departments plan to subsidize the CSP industry which is still in the demonstration stage, lowing the price from 1.15 yuan per kWh to 1.10. The CSP industry is still in the demonstration stage and has positive significance for the sustainable and stable development of the new energy system. We should stabilize and support the development of the CSP industry, but we should not include the CSP demonstration projects in the subsidy policy.
2019 8th Issue: Accelerating the Development of China’s IoV Industry - 2019-03-05
[Abstract] The IoV (Internet of Vehicles) industry is a new industry that involves such industries as automotive, electronics, information and communication, road transportation. It has become a new battleground and hotspot for technological innovation. In China, the IoV is based on “Beidou Navigation + Communication Technology + Cloud Computing + Artificial Intelligence” and has spawned the development of industrial integration and innovation. The industry is now faced with great strategic opportunities. Under the premise of ensuring network information security, the development of the IoV industry can effectively solve problems relating to traffic safety, road congestion, energy consumption, environmental pollution and others. The industry is important for making China a strong manufacturing country, and achieving economic transformation and high-quality development.