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2019 21st Issue: Achieving High-quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry - 2019-10-25
[Abstract]Looking back on the development of the world’s manufacturing industry, we can see that the development of the manufacturing industry has an irreplaceable clustering effect during different periods. World manufacturing centers such as Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan have either made or are making great progress. Each industrial revolution has a profound impact on the comparative advantages of each country, the international division of labor, international production, and the distribution of global value chains. At the same time, each industrial revolution provides less-developed countries with a rare “second window of opportunity” to catch up with advanced countries in the aspects of economy and technology.
2019 20th Issue: How Should the Government Regulate the Development of the Pork Industry - 2019-10-25
[Abstract] The price of pork has reached new highs since the beginning of this year. Comparing with January, the pork price rose 1.3 times in August. Some major pork buying provinces are under tremendous pressure. Thus, the pork industry has once again attracted the government’s attention. At least four national work conferences on the pork industry in less than a year. On September 6, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Stabilizing Pork Production and Upgrading the industry”.
2019 19th Issue: Promoting High-quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry Requires Multiple Efforts - 2019-10-25
[Abstract]Promoting high-quality development of the manufacturing industry is vital for building a modern industrial system and economic system in China. It is also the key to achieve the two centenary goals and compete with other countries in the future. At present, many issues such as strategic deployment, paths, goals and measures at the national level need to be further clarified, apart from promoting the implementation of strategic goals.
2019 18th Issue: Review on New China’s Economic and Social Development in the Past 70 Years - 2019-10-14
[Abstract]Recently, CCIEE held the 122nd “Monthly Economic Talk” with the theme of “Review on New China’s Economic and Social Development in the Past 70 Years”. Zhang Xiaoqiang, Executive Vice Chairman and Director of the CCIEE Executive Board, presided over the meeting. Zhang Dawei, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of CCIEE, Han Yongwen, Vice Chairman of CCIEE, Li Deshui, former Director of the National Bureau of Statistics, and Ren Long, former Deputy Secretary of the National Development and Reform Commission, Li Jianjun, former Director of the Economic Department of “Qiushi”, and members of the research team expressed their views about China’s economic and social development in the past 70 years. Wang Xianlei, director of the post-doctoral station of CCIEE and leader of the research team, Li Di, Deputy Research Leader, presented the main report and sub-report of the research project.
2019 17th Issue: Promoting Global Sustainable Development - 2019-09-11
[Abstract]Recently, CCIEE held the 121st “Monthly Economic Talk” under the theme of “Evaluation Report of China’s Sustainable Development (2019)”. Zhang Dawei, Vice Chairman of CCIEE, delivered a speech. Relevant representatives and experts from CCIEE, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Columbia University, Social Sciences Publishing House, Zhongyuan Bank, Alibaba Group and other organizations attended the press conference.