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Think Tank’s Voice 2021 6th Issue: Actively Responding to New Competition in Space, and Deploying Satellite Internet Steadily - 2021-02-25
[Abstract]In recent years, the rapid development of satellite Internet based on low earth orbit constellation has brought new challenges to space governance. We should advocate the concept of “green space”, adhere to the United Nations-based consultation channel, and improve the global space governance mechanism.
Think Tank’s Voice 2021 3rd Issue: Biden’s First Foreign Policy Speech Outlines the Roadmap of US Diplomacy - 2021-02-18
[Abstract]On February 4th, the US President Biden delivered a speech entitled “American’s Place in the World” at the State Department. This was the first time that Biden gave a public foreign-policy speech after he took office. The rest of the world is highly concerned about this and full of expectations. It is hoped that Biden can elaborate on the policy propositions of the new US administration on such issues as US-China relations. Biden’s first foreign-policy speech lasted only 23 minutes, and the focus was to outline the roadmap of the US foreign policy.
Think Tank’s Voice 2021 4th Issue: Paying Attention to the “multilateralist alliance” - 2021-02-07
[Abstract]Recently, the “multilateralist alliance” initiated by France and Germany has developed rapidly and gained extensive influence. During the “window period” for policy adjustments of the new US government, President Biden will pursue alliance multilateralism. In response, we should strengthen our partnership and deepen regional cooperation accordingly. We should innovate and improve the multilateralism led by China while evaluating the existing multilateralism.
Think Tank’s Voice 2021 3rd Issue: Economic Review of 2020 and Outlook for 2021 - 2021-02-07
[Abstract]Recently, the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) held the 136th “Monthly Economic Talk” with the theme “Economic Review of 2020 and Outlook for 2021”. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Dawei, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of CCIEE, Wang Yiming, Vice Chairman and Director of the CCIEE Academic Committee, Chen Wenling, Chief Economist and Deputy Director of the CCIEE Executive Board, Zhang Liqun, researcher of the Macroeconomic Research Department and Deputy Secretary-General of the Academic Committee of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Zhu Baoliang, Chief Economist of the National Information Center, delivered speeches respectively.
Think Tank’s Voice 2021 2nd Issue: Digital Economy is the Commanding Heights of the US-China Strategic Competition - 2021-01-15
[Abstract]On October 8, 2020, the U.S. Department of Defense released its first data strategy, outlining the eight guiding principles, four basic capabilities, and seven goals required for the Department of Defense to become a “data-centric organization”. On November 16, the US-China Science and Technology Relations Working Group of the US Congress released the “New Strategy for US Science and Technology Competition” policy report, covering the policy objectives and 16 specific recommendations for basic science research, 5G communication network, artificial intelligence and biotechnology. The policy report emphasizes the need to rebuild the US leadership in setting global technology standards, establishing technology alliances, coordinating with allies and like-minded countries, formulating common goals and establish new mechanisms. The actions taken by the US in the field of digital technology over recent years imply that the strategic competition between China and the US will increasingly focus on digital technology and related economic and social development in the future. “Digital geopolitics” offers us a new perspective to observe US-China relations and world changes.