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2013 14th Issue: the New Trend of British Policy for New Energy Infrastructure Investment - 2013-11-13
[Abstract] With the increase in the employment, growth and investment of energy economy, the British government intends to boost its investment in new energy infrastructure to realize emissions reduction and reduce energy consumption. Specifically speaking, the main measures are setting the price for renewable energy and initiating the capacity market.
2013 13th Issue: Michael Froman: TPP, TTIP, TISA and the Role of Japan - 2013-11-13
[Abstract] The newly appointed U.S. trade representative recently testified in the house of representatives, saying that the signed TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership ), TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) will use 65% of the global economy to create free trade. Furthermore, he made a speech entitled Japan, the U.S. and Asia-Pacific in the 21st Century, arguing that Japan plays a significant role in America’s implementation of the Rebalancing Strategy in Asia-Pacific. Apart from that, Japan could play the leading role in TPP negotiation.
2013 12th Issue: Sander Levin Talks About TPP and TTIP Trade Negotiation - 2013-09-29
[Abstract] On 23 July 2013, Mr. Sander Levin, senior member of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee delivered a speech at Peterson Institute for International Economics, announcing his proposal for negotiating TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) with Japan. He believed that the rules of the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement) should be able to solve such problems in relation to 21st-centry SOEs (State-Owned Enterprises), environment protection, IP protection and exchange rate manipulation. Furthermore, he noted that the U.S. congress should strengthen its role in trade agreement negotiation by enhancing legislation.
2013 11th Issue: Li Changjiu: Intensified Innovation Competition Among Big Nations - 2013-09-29
[Abstract] The second Global Important Affairs assembly of experts was held recently in CCIEE. Mr. Li Changjiu, Researcher of Research Center on World Issues, Xinhua News Agency, pointed out that all the major nations have launched new innovation strategies, which symbolizes that the fourth technological revolution has begun.
2013 10th Issue: Prof. Jason Bordoff: America’s Energy Policy Needs to be Adjusted - 2013-09-29
[Abstract] On his visit to CCIEE, Prof. Jason Bordoff, Director of Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University and former Special Assistant to President Obama, talked about the adjustment of America’s energy policy. He pointed out that America’s energy is no long in shortage but abundant, thus, its energy policy should be adjusted accordingly. Specifically speaking, it should adjust the energy infrastructure layout, relax restrictions on export of oil and gas and make flexible policy to cope with climate change.