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2013 9th Issue: Japan’s Economic Experts Talk About Abenomics and TPP - 2013-09-29
[Abstract] Recently, Mr. Kiyoyuki Seguchi, Research Director of Canon Institute for Global Strategy Studies, and Mr. Takeshi Minami, Chairman of Norinchukin Research Institute paid a visit to CCIEE and briefed CCIEE researchers on Japan’s economic and financial trend. They believed that Japan is trying to walk out of the stagnation, but its goal of 2% inflation can hardly be achieved. In terms of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement), they argued that Japan’s entry to TPP will do more good than harm.
2013 8th Issue: Michael Levi Discusses America’s Energy Opportunity - 2013-09-29
[Abstract] In his paper published on Foreign Affairs (Jun/Jul Issue), Michael Levy, Senior Fellow for energy and environment, Council on Foreign Relations, pointed out that America’s energy output continues to increase, the expansion of shale gas and oil production has enhanced America’s energy independence. Furthermore, the diversified energy industry will have significant impact on America’s economy, security and environment protection.
2013 7th Issue: Goldman Sachs: The 500 Billion USD Infrastructure Investment in ASEAN Brings China Great Opportunity - 2013-09-05
[Abstract] According to a report released by Goldman Sachs, the infrastructure investment in four of the ASEAN nations, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippine is expected to reach 500 billion USD from 2013 to 2020. This will improve their fixed-asset investment and hence to balance their international balance of payment. The four nations especially Thailand and Philippine, have limited public finance, inadequate savings rate and thus can hardly meet the needs of investment in infrastructure, which implies great investment opportunity for other nations such as China.
2013 6th Issue: Jonathan Pollack Talks About the DPRK Nuclear Issues - 2013-09-05
[Abstract] Jonathan D. Pollack, Director of the John Thornton China Center, who also worked at RAND Corporation and the US Navy War College, is a well-known expert in East Asian international politics and security and has long followed the Korean Peninsula issue. In his speech made at Tsinghua University on April 23, 2013, he argued that DPRK has its unique historical features and China’s involvement has made this issue more complex. The nuclear experiment of the DPRK challenges the current political and military pattern in Northeastern Asia. China’s view on DPRK is also changing and it will probably not be able to play the special role as it did before.
2013 5th Issue: US and European Economies Stabilized Gradually After Financial Crisis - 2013-09-05
[Abstract] In his article published in the US magazine Foreign Affairs (Jan.-Feb. 2013), Roger Altman, former US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury discussed the direction of the US and European economies after the financial crisis in 2008 and the European sovereign debt crisis. He believes that their economic growth tend to be more robust. As for the US, the recovery will be faster due to recovery in the real estate market, increasing oil production, strengthened banking supervision and improved manufacturing. Europe’s economic recovery will be somewhat slow but is getting more stabilized.