China Center for International Economic Exchanges

  • About CCIEE
What We Do?

The main scope of business and services of the CCIEE is as follows:
    ----to study economic issues
    Research shall focus on the trend of world economy and globalization, global finance, trade, investment, and other issues; major domestic economic issues and policies in the field of macro economy, finance, foreign investment and trade, regional economy, industrial development, enterprise operation and management, with a view to providing service to governments, society and enterprises.
    ----to conduct economic exchanges domestically and internationally
    The Organization shall organize exchange activities among Chinese and foreign think tanks to discuss major economic issues and increase mutual understanding and reach consensus. It shall also organize forums and workshops as channels and platforms for governments, research institutes and enterprises to communicate, exchange information and share research results and experiences.
    ----to promote economic cooperation domestically and internationally
    The Organization shall establish and develop good cooperative relationship with foreign governments, enterprises, research institutes, civil associations and international organizations. By providing information and introducing cooperative projects to Chinese and foreign enterprises and governments at all levels, the Organization shall serve as a bridge to and bond of economic cooperation between China and foreign countries.
    ----to provide consulting services
    The Organization shall provide the central and local Governments with analysis reports and policy proposals on macro economic management, medium and long-term development planning, and important economic policies. It shall provide local governments with intellectual support in terms of regional development planning and support for industrial organizations in terms of industrial development planning. It shall also provide enterprises with consulting services such as information, policies, rules and regulations about enterprise development strategy, management, decision-making, investment both at home and abroad, merger and reconstruction, technological innovation and market expansion.