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International Economy Observations, Issue No.7, 2021. Accelerated Recovery of Global Economy Shows New Features of “Three Not, Two High and One Slow” - 2021-09-01
2021 has witnessed the accelerated recovery of global economy that features “three not, two high and one slow”, namely not balanced economic recovery, not synchronized trade recovery and not consistent progress of foreign direct investment recovery, high inflation and debt, and slow recovery of employment.
International Economy Observations, Issue No.6, 2021. Observation and Thinking about High Inflation in the U.S - 2021-07-06
Two administrations of the U.S. turned to printing more money to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and downward economy. As a major world currency, its excessive issuing definitely will hurt the global economy badly. Therefore, it is urgent to keep an eye on and prevent the spillover effect of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policies.
International Economy Observations, Issue No.5, 2021. There is Little Chance for RMB to Undergo Dramatic Depreciation Recently - 2021-05-14
In recent days, some analyses held that there was a possibility for RMB to depreciate dramatically in the second quarter. The author deems that thanks to the exchange rate variety, such as exchange rate of RMB to USD or Euro, nominal and real exchange rate of RMB as well as differences in future trends, there is little chance for RMB to depreciate significantly.
International Economy Observations, Issue No.4, 2021. Prevention of Five Major Risks in the Recovery of Global Economy - 2021-05-08
Given that the progress of vaccination worldwide has been fastened and some countries have intensified stimulus to economy, stable recovery of economy has been enhanced as consumers regain confidence, enterprises generate more willingness for investment and world trade bounces. However, recovery of global economy faces five risks, namely differentiated growth rates, growing inflation, high debt, bubbles accumulating in capital markets and normalized long-term unemployment, with which improper dealing is likely to trigger financial crisis.

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