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China's Economic Analysis & Outlook (2011-2012)
      Overall speaking, China’s Economy remained stable and healthy in 2011.Its economic growth was transforming gradually from policy stimulus-driven to endogenous growth. Moreover, China implemented various macro-control measures to curb inflation, restructure its economy and transform its development mode, which inevitably led to slow economic growth.
World Economic Analysis & Outlook (2011-2012)
      The current global economy is at the intersection of growth and recession. The U.S. economy can avoid a double-dip recession and maintain slow growth. However, the perspective of the Europe’s economy is not so optimistic.If the EU members can work together, help each other and conduct significant reforms, they might be able to avoid another sharp slowdown. Otherwise, the euro zone will face a substantial recession and some members may withdraw from the euro. Due to the post-disaster reconstruction, we can see some improvement in Japan’s economy. Nonetheless, the heavy debt burden and political instability make it difficult for Japan to walk out of the predicament of the “lost twenty years”.
China Economic Analysis &Outlook (2009-2010)
Author:ZHENG Xinli
      This book is jointly written by the researchers of CCIEE, governmental officials and well-known experts and scholars of Chinese think tanks. It reviews the economic performance of 2009 and analyses the economic trend in 2010.
World Economic Analysis & Outlook (2009-2010)
Author:ZHENG Xinli
      Triggered by the bursting of the housing bubble, a subprime crisis broke out in the 2007, then became worse in September 2008, and eventually involved into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s.
Green Fiscal and Tax Policies
Author:LIANG Yunfeng
      Resource and environment is a major theoretical and practical issue which attracts great attention worldwide. After thirty years of high economic growth during the reforming and opening, China is experiencing severe resource and environmental bottleneck.
Analysis on Climate Policies of China, The United States and The European Union
Author:ZHANG Huanbo
      How to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change on human society has become a hot topic in the current world political and environmental diplomacy. It is of great practical significance for China’s international climate negotiation and domestic policy formulation to study the attitudes, policies and actions for climate change taken by other countries and the influence of such actions on international political, economic and social dynamics.
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