China Center for International Economic Exchanges

CCIEE Publications
China and World Economic Analysis & Outlook:Semi-Annual Report (2010)
Author:ZHENG Xinli
      This book gives an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the Chinese and world economies in the first half of 2010, various issues are included.
China's Oil Security System Build-up
Author:WANG Jun
      The financial property of the oil has become increasingly evident, oil security is essentially gone from "production - supply" type of "supply security" mode into "Trade - Financial" type "price security." .
Urbanization, Dynamic Mechanism and Institutional Innovation
Author:JING Chunmei
      This book grounds on the factual background of the fully accelerated urbanization and the present international financial crisis and uses theories and methodologies including Institutional Economics to make systematic research on the issue of the government's behavior in Chinese urbanization.
Social Security: Improvement of the System and Institutional Innovation
Author:ZOU Dongtao
      This book is composed of introduction,general report,seven points and conclusion. The book mainly includes two aspects: The first aspect is building social security system evaluation indicators and the second is building a social security system covering urban and rural residents.
Integration of Urban and Rural Areas
Author:MA Qingbin
      The theme, frame design and the invited papers of the book are around the proposition of "Integration of Urban and Rural Areas---Further Liberation of China Productivity" which is proposed by Mr. Zheng Xinli, the consultant of this book, who is also the Executive deputy director of China Center for International Economic Exchanges.
The Research on How to Fasten the Development of the Service Industry
Author:XU Wei
      Service industry has become the significant part in the development of our national economy. Development level of service industry represents a significant signal for social and economic development degree. As Chinese economy advances, it is essential to have economic development pattern transformed.