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CCIEE Monthly Economic Talk: Experts' Perspectives (2009-2010)
Author:ZHENG Xinli
      Sponsored by the CCIEE, the "Monthly Economic Talk" is designed to create a free academic environment by encouraging researchers of different schools to share their thoughts. It welcomes people from all walks of life to exchange views on hot issues concerning China's economy.
Wage, Exchange Rate and Trade Surplus
Author:XU Hongcai
      Currently, the issue of rebalance of global economy has attracted wide attention around the world, and I would like to share with you my views on three related issues of China's foreign trade surplus, appreciation of the RMB, and reform of the international financial system which only serve as reference.
Accelerate The Transformation of Economic Development Mode (2010-2011)
Author:ZHENG Xinli
      Transforming the economic development mode is the main task of China's economic development during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period.
China Economic Analysis & Outlook (2010-2011)
Author:ZHENG Xinli
      China’s economy achieved high growth and low inflation as well as the consistency of growth in 2010. We have seen stronger internal growth, better coordination and compatibility in China’s economy.
World Economic Analysis & Outlook (2010-2011)
Author:ZHENG Xinli
      In 2010, the world economy generally showed a continuing recovery trend, but in the recovery process, a variety of factors affected the recovery trend from time to time, unstable and unbalanced characteristics to the world economy's recovery.
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