China Center for International Economic Exchanges

Chen Yonglong: Strategic Mutual Trust Is the Key to the China-US Relations
Date:Jun 18,2010

The 11th “Monthly Economic Talk” was held by the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) on May 25, 2010 in Beijing; the topic was “China-US Strategic & Economic Cooperation”. Chen Yonglong, Vice President of the Chinese People` s Institute of Foreign Affairs pointed out that for China, the China-US relations are the most important bilateral relations, and it is the key to the mutual trust – strategic mutual trust.

After 30 years’ ups and downs of China-US relations, both countries have increased understandings on mutual trust and their relations are also becoming more mature. But such trust is still unstable due to the differences of institutions, values, development modes and levels between the two countries, or rather the two countries still lack trust in many circumstances, which may largely affect the healthy and stable development of the bilateral relations. To build mutual trust in a way not to be affected or less affected by different factors requires efforts of generations to come.

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