— About CCIEE

History & Mission

CCIEE is committed to serving China’s development, improving people’s livelihood and promoting international exchanges and cooperation. With theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics as its guidance, CCIEE upholds the value of “Originality, Objectivity, Rationality and Compatibility” and actively conducts researches on domestic and international issues concerning major theories, strategies, hotspot topics and cross-cutting issues, sparing no effort to develop itself into a new-type think tank with Chinese characteristics, high standards and global influence. It gathers a wide range of intellectual resources to provide the central and local governments and enterprises with intellectual support and consulting service for their decision-making process, contributing to the development of China’s soft power.

CCIEE abides by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, laws, regulations and national policies. It puts the core socialist values in practice, cherishes the sense of patriotism and good conducts, keeps aligned with the social code of ethics, and enhances cultivation of an honest and self-disciplined work conduct.