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CCIEE Research Team Conducts Field Trip to National Information Center
Date:Feb 23,2017    Source:CCIEE

On February 15, 2017, the CCIEE research team of Experience and Enlightenment of Big Data Strategy in Developed Countries, led by Zhang Xiaoqiang, CEO and Executive Vice Chairman of CCIEE visited the State Information Center (SIC), studying the construction of national government extranet service system. Wang Xianlei, Director of the CCIEE Postdoctoral Station, Zhang Yingqiang and Zhang Jin, Associate Researchers of CCIEE, Du Ping, former Executive Vice Chairman of SIC, Zhou Min, Vice Chairman of SIC and others were present at the meeting.


The National E-Government Extranet Management Center of SIC (referred to as the center) briefed CCIEE research team on the construction and application of the national unified government extranet, the problems occurred and its future development. China has already started to implement the big data strategy and how to meet the request of establishing a national unified big data center, made by General Secretary of China’s Communist Party Xi Jinping, has become a very important question. In response to that question, the center elaborated the successful case study of big data application and made some recommendations on key tasks and paths of establishing government extranet big data in the future, which has great referential significance for the CCIEE research team.

At the end of the meeting, CCIEE Executive Vice Chairman Zhang Xiaoqiang praised SIC for its achievements in government extranet and its proposals on the future development of the extranet, which can be seen as an important way of implementing national big data strategy. He hopes that the research team can conduct deeper researches on the construction of national e-government extranet, allowing the national government extranet and big data to play a better supporting role in government functions, social governance and sustainable economic development.

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