The 14th Annual U.S.-China CEO and Former Senior Officials’ Dialogue was held in Beijing

  • Time:2023-07-12
  • source:CCIEE

On July 11-12, 2023, the 14th Annual U.S.-China CEO and Former Senior Officials’ Dialogue, jointly hosted by the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC), was held in Beijing. Representatives from both sides engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges on topics including the global economic situation, the prospects of Sino-US economic and trade relations, digital economy, sustainable development and healthcare. Han Zheng, Vice President of China, met with the American delegation. Bi Jingquan, Executive Vice Chairman of CCIEE; Zhang Xiaoqiang, Executive Vice Chairman and Director of the Board of Eexecutives of CCIEE; Pat Gelsinger,Chairman of China Center Advisory Board of USCC and CEO of Intel, and more than 20 representatives from the political, business, and academic sectors attended the dialogue.




Chinese representatives believe that the current global economic recovery is still facing many difficulties including stubbornly high inflation, rising interest rates, and man-made de-coupling industrial and supply chains are dragging down the world economy. Cooperation rather than confrontation is a top priority to jointly respond to global challenges. The economic interests of China and the United States are closely intertwined. Mutual benefit and win-win are the essence of Sino-US economic relations. Strengthening cooperation is the practical need and the right choice for both China and the United States. Deepening cooperation between China and the United States in various fields will not only benefit the two countries themselves, but also the world economy. Both China and the United States attach great importance to the development of the digital economy and have complementary advantages in the development of the digital economy, which has huge potential and space for cooperation. In the fields of sustainable development and healthcare, China and the United States also have extensive common interests. They should exchange their needs and learn from each other's strengths to make the pie of Sino-US cooperation bigger.


Currently, with the restart of a new round of high-level interactions between China and the United States, Sino-US relations have once again entered a precious window period for change. China and the United States must adhere to the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation, regard deepening cooperation in the economic and trade fields as a breakthrough in improving bilateral relations, and promote the stabilization and improvement of Sino-US relations through effective communication and sincere cooperation. It is hoped that U.S. representatives will do more work for the U.S. government and society and play a constructive role in promoting the healthy and stable development of Sino-U.S. relations.


The U.S. representative said that U.S.-China economic and trade relations are of vital importance to both sides. The United States has no intention of decoupling from the Chinese economy. Decoupling the world's two largest economies would be disastrous for both countries and would also destabilize the world. Although the United States and China have different views on bilateral trade relations and trade policies, both sides need to listen carefully to each other's views and find the greatest common denominator for cooperation. Currently, digital transformation has become a powerful engine of economic growth, but to fully realize the potential of digital transformation requires not only technology, but also strong collaboration and partnerships to drive innovation at scale, which means that the United States and China need to cooperate closely in the field of digital economy. The United States and China share broad common interests in the fields of sustainable development and healthcare, and hope to open up more possibilities for cooperation in other fields through various forms of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.


Since 2011,CCIEE and USCC have jointly organized the U.S.-China CEO and Former Senior Officials’ Dialogue which has been successfully held in Beijing and Washington  alternately for 13 rounds, providing an important platform for dialogue and exchange between enterprises of the two countries.


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