Deepening Sino-Japanese Cooperation to Jointly Address Challenges - the Ninth Round of China-Japan CEO and Former Senior Officials Dialogue Held in Tokyo

  • Time:2023-11-20
  • source:CCIEE

The Ninth Round of China-Japan CEO and Former Senior Officials Dialogue took place on November 14-15 in Tokyo. During the opening ceremony on the 15th, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and former Chinese Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan delivered a video speech, former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech. The dialogue was hosted by Bi Jingquan, Executive Vice Chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE), and Masakazu Tokura, Chairman of the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), with more than 60 representatives from the business communities, former senior officials, and experts from China and Japan participating in the dialogue.




Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in his video address, expressed heartfelt congratulations on the convening of the ninth round of China-Japan CEO and Former Senior Officials Dialogue. Kishida noted that this was the first face-to-face dialogue in four years and commended the efforts of former China’s Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan, former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, Masakazu Tokura, Chairman of the Keidanren, and relevant figures from both countries. Prime Minister Kishida emphasized the foundational role of economic exchanges over the past 45 years, contributing significantly to the development of both nations. He expressed hope that Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs would implement the consensus reached with President Xi Jinping, promote mutually beneficial economic cooperation, and work on specific projects in areas such as energy conservation, environmental protection, green development, medical care, and elderly care.

Former Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan, in his video address, emphasized the need to adhere to the correct direction since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. He called for the exclusion of external interference, joint implementation of the series of consensus reached in leaders' meetings, and the broadening of the path of Sino-Japanese friendship and cooperation. Looking ahead, Zeng Peiyan advocated strengthening cooperation in trade and investment, technological innovation, medical care, green development, monetary finance, industrial and supply chain collaboration, and addressing the challenges of an aging population. He expressed anticipation for continued collaboration between the CCIEE and Keidanren, contributing to enhanced economic exchanges between the two countries and promoting the healthy development of China-Japan relations.

Former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda stated that the relationship between Japan and China holds significant importance for the peace and stability of Asia and the world. He called for increased coordination and cooperation between the two sides in addressing common challenges such as climate change.

Bi Jingquan, Executive Vice Chairman of CCIEE, pointed out the enormous growth potential of the Chinese economy. He highlighted significant demand in areas such as urban infrastructure construction, education, healthcare, elderly care, and urbanization, offering substantial business opportunities. Bi Jingquan expressed hope that entrepreneurs from both sides participating in the meeting would earnestly implement the principles and consensus reached by the leaders of China and Japan. He emphasized the need to jointly address challenges in the three major themes of peace, friendship, and cooperation, further expanding cooperation in areas such as new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, green environmental protection, and healthcare. This, in turn, would promote economic and digital transformation as well as green development in both countries. Bi Jingquan stressed the alignment of Japanese concerns about building a transparent and predictable business environment with China's expectations. Efforts are underway to mitigate the negative impact of the three-year pandemic on China's business environment and restore normal economic growth.

Masakazu Tokura, Chairman of the Keidanren, expressed the view that Japan and China should strengthen multi-level dialogue and communication, enhance mutual understanding, and jointly create a new era. The Japanese business community is willing to contribute to building a new era in Sino-Japanese relations through dialogues like this one and channels such as joint visits to China next year, engaging in close exchanges with the Chinese government and the private sector.

Both sides engaged in candid dialogue on issues of mutual concern, including the economic situations of China and Japan, bilateral economic and trade relations, common challenges, the establishment of a free and open business environment, and responses to climate change, population decline, and aging. Emphasizing the 45th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty as an opportunity, both sides expressed the need to deepen cooperation and jointly address challenges, contributing to the constructive stability of China-Japan relations in line with the requirements of the new era.

Following the dialogue, the CCIEE and Keidanren issued a joint statement. They called for the maintenance of the multilateral trading system, further advancement of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, promotion of WTO reform, maintenance and strengthening of the rule-based international economic order, enhancement of the effectiveness of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement, and joint responses to common issues such as population decline and aging.

Ambassador Wu Jianghao of the Chinese Embassy in Japan delivered a speech at the reception on the 14th, and during the lunch meeting, he delivered a speech on China-Japan relations. Japanese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Horii Yan and Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kazuyuki Iwata attended the reception and delivered speeches.

The China-Japan CEO and Former Senior Officials Dialogue is a "second-track" exchange platform jointly organized by the CCIEE and Keidanren. Its purpose is to enhance mutual trust and understanding among entrepreneurs of both countries, effectively promote practical cooperation, and play a role in "promoting government actions through the private sector" and "promoting policies through the economy." Since the first round of dialogue held in Tokyo in November 2015, eight rounds of dialogues have taken place through online and offline modes in Tokyo and Beijing. This dialogue marks the ninth round, and the tenth round is scheduled to be held in Beijing next year.

Representatives from 22 Japanese companies, including Toyota Motor, Mitsui & Co., Sumitomo Chemical, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Marubeni Corporation, Itochu Corporation, Shiseido, ANA Holdings, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Nomura Holdings, and Mizuho Financial Group; and representatives from 20 Chinese companies, including CITIC Group, State Power Investment Corporation, Sinopec, COFCO Group, Genertec International Holding, China Eastern Airlines, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, China National Salt Industry Corporation, Huawei, Wumart Group, Sino Biopharm, TCL, Fosun Pharma, BeiGene, TrinaSolar Power etc., participated in the event and made a speech.



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