Mr. Wei Jianguo Meets With the CEO of Global Institute of Logistics

  • Time:2011-04-29

On March 15th 2011, Mr. Wei Jianguo, Secretary-General of CCIEE, met with Mr. Kieran Ring, CEO of the Global Institute of Logistics (GIL). Also at the meeting were Mr. Yang Lei, CFO and Director of GIL China, Mr. Cai Xiaofeng, head of the consulting department of CCIEE.


Mr. Ring briefly introduced the GIL. He said that GIL’s method of assessing logistic cost is adopted by the US government in its Annual Report on the Cost and Trend of Logistics. He expressed his willingness to bring this methodology into China and help China to upgrade its logistic system. Besides, he hoped to cooperate with CCIEE by exchanging information about the latest development in logistics, and learning from each other’s experiences.   

Mr. Wei spoke highly of GIL’s work and agreed with Mr. Ring’s view on upgrading China’s logistic system as soon as possible. He said that China’s logistic industry should also make the most of the cluster effect to promote regional economic development. At the end, he praised the Terminal Operators Summit which was held by GIL in Tianjin.

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