World Economic Analysis & Outlook (2010-2011)

  • Date:2011-05-03

In 2010, the world economy generally showed a continuing recovery trend, but in the recovery process, a variety of factors affected the recovery trend from time to time, unstable and unbalanced characteristics to the world economy's recovery; and unstable and unbalanced recovery changed the macroeconomic policies of countries in theworld to differentiation choice from generally concerted action, and even generated various differences and friction. How to coordinate the macroeconomic policies in countries and regions, enhance the motivation of economic development and further consolidate the trend of world economic recovery has become an important subject to decision-making bodies of countries and regions in the world.


General Report
World Economic Analysis and Outlook Report     (By the Research Team of China Center for International Economic Exchange)

Special Reports
Impact of Sovereign Debt Crisis and Difference in Outlook     (By Guan Yuanyang)  
Inside Story of the Current Exchange Rate and Countermeasures     (By Li Deshui)
Intraregional Cross-Holding of Reserve Currencies: A Proposal for Asia to Deal with the Global Reserve Risks     (By Fang Gang, Wang Bijun & Huang Yiping)
On the Measurement and Root Cause of Global Economic Imbalance     (By Zhang Yansheng)
Will International Trade Continually Recover and Steadily Grow in 2011?     (By Zhang Huanbo)
New Trends of International Capital Flow and Their Impact on China and Prevention Thereof     (By Wang Jun)
Global FDI and New Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions     (By Zhang Jinjie)
The Trends in the World's Major Capital Markets     (By Xu Changchun)
Analysis on RMB Appreciation-related "Currency War"     (By Wang Guanqun)
Analysis to 2011 Trend of International Commodity Price     (By Liu Xiangdong)
Research on Fiscal Policies of Major Economies in the World for Coping with International Financial Crisis     (By Liang Yunfeng)
The Existing International Monetary System: Vulnerabilities and Reformation     (By Xu Hongcai)
Basel III and Its Impact on Global Banking Industry (By Li Peijia)
International Climate Cooperation and Carbon Finance Innovation in China     (By Zeng Shaojun & Yang Li)

Area and National Reports
2010-2011 Asian Economy Review and Prospect     (By Li Xiangyang)
The Euro Zone Economy Under Sovereign Debt Crisis -2010 Status and 2011 outlook     (By Wang Tianlong)
2010 Economic Situation and Prospects of Latin America     (By Huang Zhilong )
African Economy: New Opportunities for Jumping out of Poverty Trap     (By China-Africa Development Fund Research Team)2010 Economic Performance and 2011 Outlook of the USA     (By Qin Haijing)
Japan Economic Review and Outlook 2010-2011     (By Lu Xinhong)
Russian Economic Recovery and Transformation in Post-crisis Era     (By Guan Xueling & Liu Kejia)
How Does India Keep High Economic Growth and Control the High Inflation?     (By Liu Xiaoxue)

A Brief Analysis on the World Economic Sentiment Indicator
Analysis of CCIEE Commodity Price Index in 2010
Analysis of Global Shipping Market and Shanghai Shipping Index (SSI) Trend in 2010