China Economic Analysis & Outlook (2010-2011)

  • Date:2011-05-03
  • Source:CCIEE

China’s economy achieved high growth and low inflation as well as the consistency of growth in 2010. We have seen stronger internal growth, better coordination and compatibility in China’s economy.

2011 is the first year of the “12th Five-Year Plan” and China’s economic development is faced with rather complex domestic and international environment. How to make China’s economy develop in a stable and quick manner, how to deal with the relationship among economic growth, economic restructuring and the prevention of high inflation are important issues for China.


General Report
China Economic Analysis in 2010 and Outlook in 2011

              Topics 1 Macroeconomy
Some Issues in the Current Economic Operation
The Review and Analysis of 2010 Macroeconomic Situation
Some Understanding and Suggestion about Expanding Domestic Demand and Promoting Development Model Transformation
Several Issues Critical to Economic Supervision and Precaution Analysis of the Nation
Fiscal and Tax Policies: Review of the 11th Five-year Plan and Prospect of the 12th Five-year Plan
Analysis on 2010 China's Monetary Policy and Prospect for 2011
Reasons for Soaring Prices of Agricultural Products in 2010 and Their Influence

              Topics 2 Structural Adjustment
Speeding up the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries
Expanding Consumption by Enhancing Distribution and Promoting Economic Development
Researches on China Green Development Index
Some Thoughts on Accelerating the Transformation of Economic Growth Pattern
The Governance of Excess Capacity Needs Continuous Deepened Reform
Policy Selection for Promoting Building Energy Saving during the "12th Five-Year Plan"
Foster Major FunctionalAreas and Optimize Strategic Deployment in the Interest of Regional Economy Development
Regulating the Real Estate Market and Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development in the Real Estate Market
Welfare-housing Construction Should be Combined with Urbanization Process

              Topics 3 Treasure and Finance
RMB Internationalization and Reform of Exchange Rate Formation Mechanism
Establishment of a Sound and Science-based Fiscal and Taxation System
Two States that China's Financial Reform has to Reach in the Next Decade
Promoting RMB Convertibility under Capital Account in a Vigorous and Orderly Manner
Eight Recommendations on Expansion of Use of Foreign Exchange Reserve During the 12th Five-year Plan
Experience and Development Proposal on Coping with the Global Economic Crisis of China's Financial Sector
Reform on RMB Exchange Rate Formation Mechanism and RMB Internationalization
Recommendations on Measures to Rectify the Local Government Financing Platform

              Topics 4 Reform and Open
The Trend and Characteristics of International Trade Development for the Next 30 Years
Fully Stimulate Endogenous Driving Forces for Sustained Economic Growth in China
Policies and Measures on Accelerating the Construction of the Social Security System Covering both Urban and Rural Citizens
Raising Laborers' Compensation and Improving Distribution of National Income
Suggestions on Deepening the Reform of State-Owned Enterprises
Improving Labor Remuneration in Primary Distribution of Income