China's Economic Analysis & Outlook (2011-2012)

  • Date:2012-06-01
  • Source:CCIEE

Overall speaking, China’s Economy remained stable and healthy in 2011.Its economic growth was transforming gradually from policy stimulus-driven to endogenous growth. Moreover, China implemented various macro-control measures to curb inflation, restructure its economy and transform its development mode, which inevitably led to slow economic growth.

We should not be pessimistic about the prospects of China’s economy in 2012 and thereafter, the engine of its economy is still running. Furthermore, China’s huge potential in demand, capital, labor force, technology, land and entrepreneurship has not been fully realized. They are the foundation for extending China’s fast economic growth. If we can unleash the potential in economic growth continuously by reforming China’s systems, restructuring its economy and transforming its development mode, China is bound to achieve fast economic growth in the next 10 to 20 years, or even longer.


General Report
Accelerating the Transformation of China’s Development mode & Achieving Economic Growth While Maintaining Its Stability

Special Reports

Topic 1 China’s Macroeconomy
Suggestions and Views on the Current Economic Situation
Maintaining Continuous and Stable Macroeconomic Development
China’s Economic Outlook in 2012 & Macro Control Policies’ Direction
Reviews on Macroeconomic Theory
Challenges Facing China’s Economic Development in the Era of Low Carbon
The Burst of China’s Real Estate Bubble and Its Impact

Topic 2 The Transformation of China’s Development Mode
Strategy for Tackling the Middle-Income Trap
Improving the International Integration Mechanism for Oil Pricing & Reforming the Oil Management System
Basic Thoughts on Optimizing China’s Land Development Pattern
The Transformation of Development Mode Leads to People’s Prosperity
Developing Public Services & Boosting Consumption
China’s Investment on R & D and Its Output and Efficiency
Strategic Emerging Industries: Global Development and China’s Countermeasures
The Status Quo and Problems of China’s Small Enterprises

Topic 3 Treasury and Finance
Solving Economic Predicament by Issuing Foreign Exchange Instrument
Solutions to China’s Local Government Debt
Improving the Financing System for China’s Affordable Housing Project
Analysis on China’s Monetary Policy in 2011 and Its Outlook in 2012
The Practices and Innovation of China’s Financing Model for Urbanization
Policy Recommendations on Accelerating China’s Interest Marketization
The Social Security Fund Investment Should Seize the Best Opportunity of China’s Economic Growth
Paths Exploration for Promoting Balanced Regional Development with Public Finance

Topic 4 Index
China’s Economic Prosperity Index
Early Warning System for Stock Price Volatility & Monetary Policy Choices
China’s Real Estate Bubble