— About CCIEE

What We Do?

To Study Strategic Issues

In response to the need of the country, CCIEE conducts forward-looking, strategic and comprehensive studies on issues concerning national interests and security, so as to provide authorities with evaluations, strategies, plans, resolutions and policy designs about national development environment.

To Study Economic Issues

CCIEE conducts researches on international and domestic economy, trade, finance, investment, national macroeconomic policies, industrial development, structural adjustment, system reform, etc. It also keeps track of changes in international and domestic economy, major hotspot issues and difficult issues.

To Conduct Economic Exchanges and Cooperation

CCIEE is committed to cooperating with governments, enterprise, institutes, universities, social associations and international organizations overseas. It carries out exchanges on major social and economic issues, bilateral and multilateral cooperation, international public policies, global governance and so on, organizes forums and symposiums with foreign and domestic think tanks, and serves as channel and platform for foreign and domestic institutes, enterprise and governments to launch economic cooperation and share information, outcomes and experience.

To Provide Policy Consulting Services

CCIEE provides analysis reports and suggestions for governments as they formulate economic and social development plans and make economic policies. It offers intellectual support for local governments as they draft regional development plans, and for industrial associations as they make industrial development plans. It also furnishes enterprises with information, policies and other consulting services for their strategic planning, operation decision making, domestic and overseas investment and reorganization, development of new technologies and opening up of new markets.


CCIEE has departments as bellows: the General Office, Department of World Economy Studies (Institute of Belt and Road Studies), Department of Macroeconomic Studies, Department of Regional Economy and Industrial Studies, Institute of Innovation Development Studies, Institute of American and European Studies, Department of International Exchanges and Cooperation, Department of Research Management and Information (Institute of Energy Policy Studies) and Department of Human Resources, compiles journals such as The Headline, Research Report, Think Tank’s Voice, Global Economy Review, and publishes academic periodical Globalization.

Hotlines: 8610-8336219 (Chinese), 8610-83362167 (English)

Website: www.cciee.org.cn

Fax: 010-83362199