— About CCIEE

What We Do?

[To study strategic issues]

According to the needs of China’s national development, CCIEE shall undertake researches concerning national security and interest and provide strategic and forward-looking proposals. Furthermore, it shall provide assessment of external environment, strategic planning and policy recommendations.

[To study economic issues]

Research shall focus on three aspects. Firstly, Chinese and international economy, trade, finance and investment. Secondly, China’s macroeconomic policies, industrial development, structural adjustment, and institutional reform. Lastly, important domestic and international economic trends and other hot issues.

[To promote economic exchanges and cooperation]

CCIEE shall establish and develop good cooperative relationship with foreign governments, enterprises, research institutes, universities, associations, and international organizations. It shall conduct exchanges on significant social and economic issues, bilateral and multilateral cooperation, international public policy, global governance, and so on. Moreover, it shall also organize conferences for Chinese and foreign think tanks. By providing information and introducing cooperative projects to Chinese and foreign enterprises and governments at all levels, the organization shall serve as a bridge and tie for economic cooperation between China and foreign countries.

[To provide policy consulting services]

CCIEE shall provide the Chinese government with analytical reports and policy proposals on economic and social development planning, making important economic policies and so forth. It shall provide local governments with intellectual support in terms of regional development planning and support for industrial organizations in terms of industrial development planning. It shall also provide enterprises with consulting services in terms of information, policies, legal affairs, and regulations about enterprise development strategies, management decision-making, investments both at home and abroad, M&A and restructure, technological innovations and market expansion. CCIEE compiles periodicals such as Research Report, Think-tank’s Voice, Information Feedback, and a monthly journal called Globalization.


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