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CCIEE Organizational Structure

CCIEE is composed of Administrative Office, Department of Research, Department of External Affairs, Department of Consultancy, Department of Information, and Department of Cooperation. The function of each department can be described as follows:

Administrative Office

The Administrative Office, also known as the Human Resources Department, is a general services department that has four divisions: Division of General Affairs, Division of Human Resources, Division of Administration, and Division of Finance.
Main responsibilities: organizing meetings of various kinds, such as CCIEE council meeting, weekly meeting, meeting of Secretaries General; collecting, distributing, classifying, and archiving telegraphs and documents; the use of CCIEE seal, archives management, evaluation of professional and technical positions; press release, media coverage, security and confidentiality; finance, administration, transportation, and logistics; managing China Foundation for International Economic Research and Exchanges (CFIERE), including fund raising, asset management, and services to members of the Foundation; CCP affairs, disciplinary supervision and inspection, and personnel management; books, magazines, newspapers and related materials

Department of Research

The Department of Research is composed of five divisions: Division of International Strategy, Division of Macro-economy, Division of International Economy, Division of Industrial Economy, and Division of Fiscal and Financial Affairs.
Main responsibilities: undertaking research in various fields and conducting academic exchanges; managing the CFIERE; implementing tasks assigned by the Academic Committee of CCIEE.
Research Mission: conducting research on important and hot issues in international economy, and offering original policy recommendations; carrying out research on important theories and practical issues concerning domestic economy, and submitting valuable research reports; providing consulting services to central and local governments, enterprises and other organizations with regard to development strategy, planning, and important decision-making process.
Research Areas: world economy and technology, international strategy, international finance, international trade, international investment; national development strategy, macro-economy, public finance and fiscal policy, industrial development, regional economy and urbanization, climate change and new energy development, international operation of corporations and so on.

Department of External Affairs

The Department of External Affairs has three divisions: Division of General Affairs, Division of Projects, and Division of Liaison.
Main responsibilities: managing all external affairs, including organizing international meetings, exchanges between CCIEE and international think tanks; implementing cooperative projects between CCIEE and international think tanks; organizing personnel exchanges and training between CCIEE and international think tanks; dealing with day-to-day external affairs of CCIEE.

Department of Consultancy

The Department of Consultancy is the functional department of consulting projects. It is the executive office of the CCIEE Advisory Committee of Experts, providing logistic services to the Advisory Committee. It also manages the database of project experts and other daily affairs of project management.
Main responsibilities: providing consulting services to the central government regarding macro-control, mid- and long-term development plan, and important economic policy decisions; helping local governments with regional development planning, and industrial organizations to make industrial development plan; providing enterprises with legal, policy and other consulting services concerning corporate development strategy, domestic and foreign investment, merger and acquisition, technological innovation and market development; providing Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-funded enterprises with consulting services with regard to development strategy, managerial structure and public relations.

Department of Information

The Department of Information includes the following divisions: Division of editing, Division of Web Services, and Division of Membership Services.
Main responsibilities: editing five CCIEE publications: “Key Facts” “Research Report” “Think Tank’s Voice” “Information Feedback” and “Membership News”; establishing information sharing and exchanges with domestic and foreign think tanks; constructing and maintaining CCIEE website and internal network; providing the Department of Research with database services; managing membership development and services; organizing members to participate in CCIEE events; and other tasks assigned by CCIEE leaders.   

Department of Cooperation

The Department of Cooperation is composed of six divisions: Division of Cooperation, Division of Project Development, Division of General Research, Division of Training, Division of Development, and Division of Industry.
Main responsibilities: organizing and implementing cooperative projects between NDRC/CCIEE and international organizations, foreign governments and enterprises; organizing general or thematic international conferences, training courses and lectures; conducting international economic research; dealing with the application process for CCIEE-related investigation and training missions abroad; receiving foreign government and non-governmental organizations and corporations’ visits to China; providing advisory services and introducing business partners to foreign investors; setting up economic entities; compiling, translating and publishing Chinese and foreign materials regarding economic development and structural reform.